Death and Dying Dreams

Death and Dying DreamsDreaming that someone dies can often become a source of dread or fear, but remember that dreams are symbolic!  Sometimes such a dream can be a call for us to pray for protection for that person we dreamed about.

Most times, though, death and dying in dreams represents something coming to an end, or a shift of spiritual direction. It can be a relationship, a season, a quality or characteristic, a task or responsibility.  

Such a dream may be alerting you to the need for a particular issue to be dealt a ‘death blow’.  

Consider the important characteristics of the person who dies, as well as context and circumstances–these are clues to unlocking what the ‘death’ may be about.

Ask yourself, ‘Who dies, and what does that person represent to me?  Could their ‘position’ in relation to me have meaning? (an authority, a mother-type figure, a friend, a supporter, an enemy?)”

Many people interpret death and dying dreams literally and miss the true purpose of the dream.  

Death of my husband dream:  

I dreamed that my husband died suddenly.  I was at a good friend’s house, someone who also recently in real life lost his wife.  I hugged his family and hung out there for a while.  People came in to make purchases, but I didn’t know how much things cost.  His sister tried to help me, and suggested that I don’t need the car anymore.  I said OK because I had two huge parking spots in important places.  I remembered that I hadn’t told my husband’s family that he died.  I was hanging out with another family, we were waiting for something, and I didn’t feel I’d ever get married again.  I kept remembering things and wanting to talk but people were too busy and loudly talking with each other.  I bought a new quilt and some sugary sweets.  I had to wait to pay and it was more expensive than I thought it all should be.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that there is an abrupt end to someting you have been committed to and have invested in for a long time.  You are surrounded by friends–some offering solace and others are scrambling to ‘scavenge’ pieces of what is left.  You are needing to process your feelings about what has happened but have difficulty because the folks around you are not interested–and the things that bring you comfort are costly.  You are given this dream to help you process your feelings–perhaps prayer to God will bring the ultimate comfort that you are looking for.  In time, you are shown that you have space in your life for missions that are yet ahead of you, even though it might not seem so right now.


Death Everywhere dream:

Death and Dying DreamsI have a recurring dream—I dream it almost every night.  I dream my boyfriend is killed—someone murders him or he dies in a car crash and I wake up crying.  I sometimes dream my parents and brothers and sisters die too.

Dream Interpretation:

Your recurring dreams are probably indicating a paralyzing fear of death and/or abandonment that you are experiencing.  Your fear may be so extreme that you have a difficult time enjoying life.  Your dreams would highlight your fear so that you can share with someone and seek help, peace and hope for your life.

Feedback from dreamer: 

I DO live in total terror of death.  I’m so afraid all of the time that someone will die and leave me alone.  I don’t know what to do.  How do I get help?

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