What is Destiny Coaching?

Destiny Coaching is the process of discovering your life purpose, activating your unique skills, and devising practical strategy to reach your fullest potential by connecting with your dreams and heart desires. Identify your strengths and your Divine calling as well as conquer your limiting beliefs—and step into your destiny!

Engage Your Dreams & Seize Your Destiny

You were created for greatness in this life, but are you fully aware of your mission and purpose in your work, relationships, and destiny? Imagine God giving you the blueprints of your life, as well as the steps to get there. Did you know that He releases calling and strategy through your dreams? Though He often speaks, you may miss the messages because you don’t understand, or haven’t been paying attention. Connecting with your Creator about His designs for you ignites the search and establishes focus, power, and peace in your lifestyle of victory and breakthrough.

Listen to your Dreams
Decipher personal Divine guidance from Creator

Determine Your Destiny
Identify your unique gifts, abilities, and purpose

Set Practical Goals
Map out short-term and long-term action plans

Blast Through Obstacles
Diagnose and recalibrate limiting mind blocks

Your Destiny Coach:

Merry Bruton Destiny CoachMerry Bruton Burkhalter is a prolific dreamer, has interpreted many thousands of dreams, and inspires others to unlock their night-time dream messages and connect with their heart’s desires and personal destiny through mentoring, coaching, classes, and interactive webinars. She earned an English degree, is an ordained minister, and has extensive training and experience in dream interpretation, prophetic ministry, inner healing, and personal development.

She was released as a Master Certified Dream Interpreter in 2005, operates Destiny Dreamz LLC, and leads teams of dream interpreters and creative, prophetic encouragers across the USA and internationally.

Merry’s desire is to equip folks to identify their life’s calling and to experience the excitement of stepping fully into their destiny.

Schedule: We can meet in person or via Skype or phone for a one-time meeting or for regular visits

Cost: $150 per hour-long session. Includes a one-hour session that incorporates three of your latest dreams interpreted. You can’t beat this! Most life coaches charge $250 per hour and up, with the added bonus of insights from three current dreams.

Contact for more infomation and to schedule your appointment.