Anger Dreams

Experiencing anger dreams usually reveals a level of emotion that the dreamer is not fully aware of.  

Dreaming you are angry to the point of killing someone in your life may be cautioning you to deal with the real life pressure you are feeling before an explosive episode brings a ‘death’ or an end to a relationship.  

Anger is a feeling that many people are uncomfortable with, but it is not ‘wrong’–unless it gets out of hand and causes damage. It is an indicator of an issue simmering inside–it may even be over a good cause, but often we will receive a dream that highlights a potentially toxic level of anger so that we can make a change before we make a painful mistake.  Pay attention to your anger dreams!

Opportunity Knocks Dream:

Yelling and anger in dreamsI was in my houseyelling at my children.  I was really upset about something.  Someone knocked at my door, and I went to answer it, still yelling at my children.  There was a handsome man at my door and I wondered if he would become someone special in my life,  and I thought to myself that I should stop yelling, because I was making a horrible first impression.  After I calmed down, he simply said, ‘Thank you” and walked away.  I closed the door and went back into the house.   

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you are experiencing a significant source of agitation in your life that may be manifesting in the form of ugly words towards people close to you.  You are shown the importance of gaining control and making a change–and doing so could possibly allow you to enter into positive future prospective relationships–without emotional baggage to overcome.


Calling Dusty dream:

I was trying to set Dusty’s phone number on my cell phone. It had some words or letters before the phone number and I tried to fix it. I realized that I had already called him & he was on the line. I started to talk to him & he was very upset and practically yelling. I couldn’t hear clearly what he was saying but just knew he was very angry. I was sorry about the situation. I was walking up a hill to get to my home, and had a long dress or skirt, and I had to hold up my skirt while walking. A couple of vehicles drove by me. When I got to the top of the hill, there were some men waiting for me in my house. Some were military men, and they left when I got there. Dusty was there. I was glad that we would have an opportunity to speak in person, to explain the situation and get a better understanding of what we were feeling. 

(Dusty is an agnostic friend in graduate school that I have recently met.  I believe in God and go to church).

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream is revealing important information about how to improve your ‘connection’ and your communication with your friend Dusty.  You are shown that even though you are trying to line everything up to flow smoothly, there are underlying feelings of frustration in your friend that may be causing some blockage or need to take extra care to work things out verbally.  You are shown this so you may know where and how to ‘watch your step’.  Your dream is also given to encourage you that this friendship is ‘guarded’ by supernatural forces–perhaps because you have some positive influence to share.

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