Bathroom Dreams 

Bathrooms in dreams reveal personal issues that we are trying to get cleaned up, flushed out, washed away, released in some way.  Conditions we often find in a bathroom (dirty, no door, crowded, in public, plumbing not hooked up, etc.) can tell us a lot about WHERE we are seeking to take care the predicaments of life.  If  plumbing is not hooked up or if conditions are not conducive to getting things taken care of, our bathroom dreams may be telling us to search for relief in another place.  

Public bathroom dream:  

Bathrooms and pottiesI dreamed that I needed to use the restroom and the whole dream was a search for a toilet that was useable.  In one place, there was so much sewage all over the floor that I didn’t even want to go in there.  In another,  there were long lines of people waiting to use the only functional toilet and I couldn’t wait.  I finally settled on one–because I had to go BADLY–that was clean but there was no door.  Even though there were people all around, I didn’t care anymore.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that you are desiring some release and ‘cleaning up’ in your life and you are searching for the right group or setting to ‘reveal’ some personal issues.  Some environments that are available are not ‘safe’ or organized to efficiently take care of your needs–or anyone else’s.  You are shown that there is a particular option is functional and helpful for you.  However, it may be more ‘public’ than you are totally comfortable with.  Your dream is given to encourage you in your pursuit, to give you courage and patience to make a wise choice.


Shower with Friend dream:

I am in my bathroom taking a shower. My best friend is looking through a high-up window besides me and we are talking.  Behind her, her family is commenting on the tragedies of her past.  She is laughing and crying at the same time at the stories that now seem so ridiculous.  I started laughing at my stories of my past desires and tragedies.  I am washing my legs, when I start to really laugh hard. My attention switches back to my laughing friend, but I noticed that her eyes were welling up with tears that looked like blood.

Dream Interpretation:

Your bathroom dream is showing how you are able to reminisce about painful parts of your past and move on…you are receiving a purging of negative ‘stuff’.  Your friend is observing your journey and desiring the same thing but is still experiencing deep pain and is not able to progress quite yet.  Your dream is given to encourage you in your stage of healing, and also to prompt you to tenderly lend support to your friend.

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