Being Naked

naked, no clothesBeing naked in a dream usually indicates vulnerability and transparency, and possibly also having nothing to hide.  Often our ‘naked’ dreams reveal that we feel we are not properly equipped or ‘outfitted’ for something we are attempting in real life.  

No clothes dream:

I’m in  a stressful time for me right now because of deadlines, doubting somewhat my own ability…. In my dream today I was at the  hospital for my first day of clinicals, I was dressed in a blue suit and tie. When I arrived at the hospital I didn’t have any clothes on, I was stressing, I finally found them. My first patients were my parents, They were in the same room.  (My dad died about 2 yrs ago).  I made a lot of mistakes in my dream but I keep going.

Dream Interpretation:

As you enter into a new phase of training, you are feeling ill-equipped and vulnerable, having to ‘perform’ your new skills in front of the ones who have trained you.  While it is an anxious season for you, your dream says that you are able to press on through your fears and mistakes—taking a huge step forward in reaching your destiny.

Feedback from dreamer:

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. It has taken me 15 years to dare to dream. Now I sense I have begun.  It’s a daily walk to see if I “measure up”.  What a hard place but also an awesome place as well.”


Running Naked dream:

I was in our house with my wife. We were talking about our relationship and she would leave every time I tried to talk.  Over and over again. The last time, I became so perplexed that she would not listen that I started breathing rapidly and shallow until finally it felt like my breath was taken away or stuck in my chest. I told her that I had to go the hospital. I found myself outside running away from the house.  I was naked except for a square cloth covering my front.  Suddenly there were two adult girls running towards me–they had those buzzers that startle you when you shake someone’s hand. Joy buzzers.  They startled a man to my left, buzzing him on his arm. Then they turned around and started after me. They caught up to me and they were alternately buzzing my butt. I kept running they did this and had to fight them to get away.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you experience a setback in communication with someone very important to you, possibly literally your wife, which leaves you feeling somewhat frantic and wanting to escape.  The dream reveals your frustration and tendency to ‘run’ and is somewhat of a warning that failing to properly check your responses may leave you open to a spiritual attack in areas where you may be most vulnerable.

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