Vehicles in Dream Interpretation

vehicles carsVehicles in dream interpretation are symbols that represent a calling or vocation, a ‘conduit’ or ‘means’ by which we get from where we are—to where we are going

 A car may represent our job or particular life activity.  

An airplane may indicate a large group that is spiritual in nature or that is ‘going to far places’. 

For different types of transportation, take note of their function, color, speed, age, and other details that may direct our understanding.  Compare and contrast to other vehicles—ask yourself, ‘why a scooter (smaller, self-propelled) and not a motorcycle (fast, easily maneuverable, high-powered)?’ Why a cruise ship (massive in size, more social or for large groups) and not a speedboat (small and fast)?  

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Multiple vehicles dream:

I dreamed I started a new job.  I was in the passenger side of an ambulance. We were just driving down the road, fast but not too much in a hurry.  Suddenly, from behind us on the right, a fire truck came up.  It had its sirens on and was moving really fast.  It looked more like a monorail train, bright, sleek, red all over.  As soon as it caught up to us, our driver put on our siren and we sped up.  The train passed us and the force of air caused us to fly.  The doors fell off and we became like a helicopter.  I prayed I wouldn’t fall out and told the driver I didn’t have my seatbelt on.  He said to buckle up.  I was trying balance and do it without falling out.  

Dream Interpretation:  

You are part of a versatile organization that brings healing to others.  While you are headed in the right direction, a sudden spiritual movement or force gives you the power or drive to step up the pace in moving forward.  This requires transformation and skill on your part to focus and keep ‘balanced’ so that you can stay ‘on track’ and ‘take off’ rapidly in your calling, which you are equipped to do even if you don’t quite feel ready to handle it all.  You are shown that you have guidance and support for this part of your journey.


Trouble Driving dream:

Driving in dreamsI dreamed I was driving my Toyota Highlander and I could  see  only a piece of the road up ahead, not clearly.  I had trouble driving and steering.  Things seemed out of control and my actions seemed delayed.  Then, I saw myself from a distance, and I could see that I was trying to drive from the backseat!  There was no one else in the car and I took immediate actions to try to bring correction and get in the front seat.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that you are responsible for ‘driving’ a particular activity where the path ahead is somewhat obscure and uncertain, and you do not feel you have the power or skill necessary to move forward.  However, you are shown the ‘big picture’ or the reality that you do indeed have the authority to make decisions and choose direction.  Your dream is encouraging you to make some changes and take charge.

Feedback from dreamer:  

I have started a new business but have had difficulty proceeding because I have been trying to work with teammates who are not timely, dependable, willing, nor helpful.  I need to realize that this is MY baby and run with it, quit trying to be so nice and accommodating and consulting everyone, when I am the one in charge with the responsibility.

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