What approach do you use to interpret dreams?  

Several popular methods or approaches are used to interpret dreams:

  • Freudian (Sigmund Freud) believed that dreams are expressions of hidden wish fulfillment that is usually connected to and caused by sexual issues and violence.  Beliefs and desires usually formed in childhood that are no longer acceptable to the conscious mind surface in dreams.

Our society has generally dismissed Freud’s views and this method is rarely used.

  • Jungian (Carl Jung) taught that dreams are a window to our subconscious mind. Symbols in dreams represent positive and negative aspects of a person.  Basically, every element in a person’s dream represents parts of their ‘self’. What is INSIDE is revealed and brought OUTSIDE.

While this method is popular, especially in psychology-based circles, and it can be effective in revealing issues within the dreamer, it may often be inaccurate  because interpretations are limited to the dreamer, personally.

  • Artificial Intelligence:  the process that is becoming more trendy because of the availability of internet and books, where dream symbols are thought to have a fixed or standard meaning.  Symbols are inserted into a computer program or looked up individually, and  meanings are grouped together to help a person receive interpretation.

This method is somewhat mechanical and formulaic.  While a person may gain insight into meanings of symbols, this approach lacks the cohesiveness necessary to determine the purpose or intent of a dream.  It bypasses the need for God’s spirit to reveal the message of the dream.

  • Ancient Hebraic:  This is the method used in ancient writings, such as scripture. Elements in a dream are symbolic and can represent things other than parts of the dreamer.  It involves not a scientific thought but a creative metaphoric thinking, as well as listening to Spirit for interpretation of elements.

This process allows for dreams to have different levels and scopes of meaning, including applications outside of the dreamer.  An OUTSIDE source (God) brings revelation INSIDE . Because of the supernatural perspective being released to the  dreamer’s awareness, lasting spiritual transformation is often a benefit.

Destiny Dreamz interpreters primarily employ the Ancient Hebraic strategy to interpret dreams.

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