Falling Dreams

Falling DreamsFalling dreams usually indicate that we are feeling a lack of control over some area in our life.  We may be processing how to regain control and wondering if or when we might ‘hit bottom’.  

Often we will wake up just before we crash.  And, too, when we deal with the issue at hand, our ‘falling’ dreams can suddenly turn into ‘flying‘ dreams!

Falling and Flying with Employee Dream:  

I was talking with some others, including one of my employees about how difficult our jobs were, and they didn’t seem to appreciate the difficulty.  My employee said that he would change places with me if I didn’t like my job.  I wasn’t happy with that thought.  In the next scene, this same employee  and I were jumping very high in some hills and trees.  He was riding piggyback on me.  On our next bounce, I reached up and grabbed the extended branch of an oak tree.  It bent, let us down gently, and then sent us back up full force, launching us high and far.  I became nervous at the height and speed, afraid we were going to die.  We went high above earth and then began to fall.  I realized that if I made a swimming motion I could slow us down and we flew in a more controlled motion, arriving safely on a beach at dawn.  My wife had been with us, and though we got separated, we found each other and she was bringing a family along to join us for our next ‘flight’.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you feel you are in a precarious situation while you juggle various tasks regarding work and relationships.  You may feel alone, saddled with people who do not understand your responsibilities.  However, you are learning that while leadership is a ‘heavy’ role, it can also provide teamwork ability that can propel you even further than imagined, if you learn to balance advantageously.   You learn to distribute the ‘weight’ and use it to work in tandem and get further ahead.  You are given this dream to encourage you so that you can seek how to make this happen, so that your efforts can become a source of joy.


Crazy flight/fall dream:

My sisters and I were traveling somewhere, and in an airport. We were in a hurry, running to our gate. On the way, one of my sisters was stopped  by an undercover officer because she was running too fast and carrying a “suspicious” package. Nothing else happened. We found the gate. The seating was weird and we couldn’t find seats together. We sat down, and the pilots came in.  One was neat and attractive, the other was messy and kind of crazy-looking with wild hair, acting strangely.  On the plane, we saw a woman jump from the plane. I decided to take a shower. While in the shower, I looked for a bar of soap, and there were many  there but all different kinds and sizes, some or most had been used and had bugs sticking to them. I was grossed out. I was deciding which one to use and the  plane took off. It was hard to stand.  I kept falling and turning, tumbling, falling hard.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you are on the verge of ‘takeoff’ with a new group or organization into an ‘adventure’.  You are aware that some of you are being ‘inspected’ and under observation, and some of the behavior of individuals in this group seems strange to you, causing you a need to deal with some of your feelings about it.  This process isn’t a smooth one for you!  Your dream is given to help you process this situation and to seek  guidance for how to best proceed with this team.

Falling Dreams

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