Fighting Dreams

Fighting DreamsDreams of fighting or struggling with an attacker most often represent life battles  that we wrestle with everyday–fears, negativity, anger, lack of clarity, or ‘inside issues’–or with people, job difficulties, spiritual attacks–‘outside issues’.

Many times these fighting dreams are self-condition type dreams that are helping us process stressful situations.  The key is to identify the issue in real life and take strategic steps toward peaceful solutions.

Questions to ask–who is attacking me in the dream?  What does this person symbolize to me?  What kinds of ‘weapons’ are being used?  In what arena of my life do I feel ‘under the gun’ about?   Where might I feel like I am ‘striving’ too much?  Is this a spiritual battle, and if so, how do I best ‘launch combat’?

Sometimes we can decide in our dream to face the ‘assailant’ head on and bring resolution to our problems instantly (this is lucid dreaming–when we realize we are dreaming and can change the outcome).

People in positions of authority will commonly experience fighting dreams—people who feel responsible for protecting and providing for folks in their care….

Fight in the bathroom dream:

I was at work and I had to use the restroom so I returned to the terminal to use the restroom and upon entering I saw all the supervisors together laughing and sneering. There were lots of stalls and one I went to was so filthy I didn’t use it.  Another stall was a steam room instead.  I really needed to go, so I kept looking and found one, and I stunk it up 🙂  I was leaving when a dark figure came after me with a dagger in his hand–he tried to stab me in the chest.  I tried to yell but no sound came out.  I fought and tried to defend myself.  I started calling to God for help in my mind, telling myself I had faith  and will not be harmed.  Suddenly the attacker stopped and walked out the door.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream shows that you are involved with a group of people where you experience an atmpsphere of gossip or sharp, stinging words towards other people.  You are aware of the problem and desire to be free from it, but find it difficult to totally extricate yourself from the problem or its effects. You gives you this dream to show that as you persist in seeking power over the situation, you can be victorious over this evil-inspired situation.  In fact, your spirit may actually be warring while you sleep.


Dead Body Conspiracy:

It was a long night.  I dreamed that there were these few people I knew who had killed someone and were wanting to hide the body.  They were trying to get me involved, to set me up to take the blame.  I realized it and tried and tried—had to constantly fight and outsmart—to keep myself from being associated with them.  I was staying a step ahead but it was a lot of work. I woke up very tired.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that you are struggling within a group to keep a distance from some perceived ‘tactics’ that seem damaging or wounding towards people.  It seems a constant battle to keep alert and avoid succumbing to the pressure to join in and agree.  Your dream is given to encourage you in your ability  to ‘see’ the dangers and and persevere in your resistance, and perhaps maybe even to seek alternative, more effective ways of dealing with the situation.

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