Flying Dreams

Flying DreamsFlying dreams are not only fun, but can be scary—but they are mostly GREAT dreams! 

Often they are indicative of the level of your spiritual journey—are you floating just off the ground, or dog paddling to get to where you are going?  You may be learning skills and balance in your life activities.   

Are you  blasting into outer space?  Good for you!  Higher spiritual experiences are easily accessible, and you are getting a wider perspective of the universe!  

Flying dreams can also accentuate personal feelings of being ‘out of control’ (bouncing through the air or falling),  or indicate events or situations ahead for you to ‘watch out’ for.  


Flying over work dream:

I dreamed that I was flying high over my workplace.  I saw the new construction (that we just started)–all finished, and green grass everywhere.  There was even a school built on the property.  Everything was beautiful and green.  However, I circled around and saw part of our organization–the music department–that had old stuff sitting around on the stage. I landed and saw an old rusty ironing board, an old keyboard and lots of old stuff sitting there.  It was definitely out of place.  I tried to move the keyboard, but it had sunk in the cement and I couldn’t budge it.  It seemed so out of place with everything else looking so new.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream is showing you the larger perspective of a place where you work and are concerned about—you have the spiritual ability to visualize the potential as well as the future of what is being fashioned, and it is appealing to you except for one certain part.  You are concerned about a cluttered atmosphere of  ‘old-fashioned’ elements that seem missmatched with the rest of the vision for this organization.  You are given this dream to encourage you about what may lie ahead for this group, and possibly also to remind you that even though you may feel disconcerted about the ‘clutter’, it is firmly settled and probably not your ‘job’ to make any removal attempts.

More thoughts about flying dreams:

  • If you are flapping your arms like wings to get somewhere, your dream may be indicating that you are working very hard….perhaps TOO hard….to reach your destination.
  • Crashing or fear of crashing could indicate your spiritual life needs some balance and attention.
  • Encountering difficulties and then flying or floating up and out of them could be showing that you have the supernatural ability to rise above troubles in your life.
  • If you are being shown lots of different scenes and people on your ‘flight’, it may be that you are bein given revelation/information so that you will pray for those situations.
  • If you are trying to fly but can’t seem to rise up, it could be that something in your life is keeping you ‘grounded’ for a season.
  • Flying in an airplane could represent your involvement with a group that is launching to new adventures.


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