Giving Birth and Being Pregnant Dreams

Giving Birth/Being PregnantPregnancy dreams, or dreaming about giving birth can often indicate that the dreamer is in the process of  ‘incubating’ or bringing forth something new, such as an idea, project or responsibility.  

A seed has been planted, and the dreamer has something exciting to look forward to.

Often in these dreams there is also an indication about timing and feelings of the dreamer regarding what is ahead.

New birth dream:

I became pregnant. The issue was not so much that I had sex with somebody but it was about getting pregnant and having a baby. I became excited about the baby—I was ecstatic and peaceful. It was all so right and clear. I want to study medicine when I finish school and I first thought what am I going to do with this baby—I want to take care of it but I also want to study. It is possible for me to do it all?  I was peaceful after the dream but it was scary and precious as well. Everything was very systematic and clear. I gave birth and knew everything would be ok.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that suddenly and quickly you are given a gift, a new responsibility, and it is just the right ‘fit’ for you.  While you may have questions about how to juggle everything effectively, along with it comes a peace that you are receiving just what you need at just the right time in your life.


Abortion dream:  

I was in a bed with my oldest sister who is a lesbian.  The bed looked like a crib.  She inserted a tube into my private parts, and I became pregnant by her.  I did not want this!  I got an abortion. I was very upset about all of this, and I wanted a baby by my husband.  I told my counselor and she said that no one would have known whose baby it was. Or, that I could have carried it and given it up for adoption.  I grieved that I had aborted it.

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream is saying that someone close to you has imposed on you a new responsibility for you to carry. It seems to have come to you through childish and unnatural means. You do not agree to it and put an end to it, because it was not initiated in a healthy way. An’advice-giver’ convinces you it would have been better to hide the circumstances and to make different choices, and you are dealing with pain and regret. God gives you this dream to ‘let you off the hook’ and to help you find emotional closure to this situation in your life.


Giving Birth/Being PregnantMy Daughter has my Baby:

I was very pregnant, ready to deliver. My daughter was with me. I was getting ready to go to the hospital and have the baby but something came up that I had to leave and attend to. My daughter went and had the baby for me. All was well. 

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you plan and prepare for something new in your life, but when it is time for this new activity, project, or responsibility to emerge, someone that you have ‘co-labored’ with is able to complete what you have started.  You are given this dream to encourage you not to fret about the timing or the process—all is well.

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