Hair Dreams

hair dreamsHair in a dream can symbolize wisdom or maturity.  Bald can mean loss of wisdom—OR about becoming ‘older and wiser’.  

Consider the condition or placement of the hair on someone, or even if it is supposed to be there but is missing!   Is the hair healthy? Beautiful?  Scraggly or lacking, needing a ‘trim’?  Important also are color, changes needed, or adjustments accomplished. 

A hairdresser is often someone we meet with on a regular basis to get ‘hair shaping’—or counsel.  We often tell our secrets to hairdressers, who usually listen and offer advice.

Beautiful blonde dream:  

In my dream I saw the back of a woman with long blonde hair halfway down her back. The hair was a stunning, beautiful blonde, fashionably cut with precision, and extremely radiant. The woman turned around and I saw that it was me!

Dream Interpretation:  

Your hair dream is ‘highlighting’ your personal and spiritual maturity and wisdom that has been nurtured and masterfully shaped—and manifests how much your ‘light’ and energy  glows for everyone around you to see.  Your dream is given to encourage you for the progress and magnificent end results that are becoming stronger and more visible—when you may not have even been aware of the process.


Substitute hairdresser dream: 

Often a hairdresser symbolizes a counselor or ‘wisdom-shaper’

I dreamed I went to get my hair cut at Bliss Salon (my normal place) and  my usual hair stylist was not there so the salon gave me a substitute.  She cuts my hair and then sends me upstairs for me to style my hair myself in front of a big mirror.  I think the substitute is lazy and not doing her job to make me dry and style my own hair. As I’m walking back down the stairs she is at the bottom of the stairs and she wants the same payment that Marge gets who regularly drys and styles my hair for me! I tell the sub, “No way!” You spent 2 min (I have straight long hair with bangs) cutting my hair and then I had to do the rest of the work!  She gasps and says, “I put some gel in your hair!”  I am upset but I know that I have to pay her the full amount demanded because I did agree to let her cut my hair.

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream is saying that you are seeking wisdom/advice about something in your life, and that what you receive falls short of what you were expecting. You have to do some self-reflection in order to fix things and get a better picture. You are having to confront the awkwardness of the relationship with this person/advice-giver who has left you feeling ‘shortchanged’—and how much of their advice you will ‘buy into’.

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