House Dreams 

House dreamsYour house represents some aspect of your life.  Unique characteristics of houses or buildings that stand out in your dreams are key to interpreting in the correct context.

What if you are in someone else’s house?  Perhaps your dream is regarding your position within a group or in someone else’s life. 

Different rooms in house dreams have special meaning. Consider the typical activity associated with each room:  bedrooms usually represent rest and intimacy, kitchens are a place of preparation or service, living rooms represent life, bathrooms are a place to get clean and deal with our issues.  Garages are places of storage, attics store ‘memories’, basements are hidden or foundational places.   Mud Rooms are places of transition.

Dreaming of your parent’s house or the house you grew up in could indicate issues of the past.   

Finding hidden rooms, or rooms that you were unaware of in your present house can indicate a new potential for your life that you are just now realizing. 

Expanded house dream:  

I dreamed that I was looking through our house and realized that there were many more rooms available that we weren’t even using!  I told my husband that we could take all of the furniture that is in our garage, clean it up, and put it on display in one of these rooms–for people to come and browse and borrow.  I was so excited as I looked and saw new empty bedrooms and office rooms.  Lots and lots of them.  They were very clean and ready to move in.  Part of the house was also connected to Bank of America.  Then, I went into a basement and there was this huge garage—very clean, no junk, with a beautiful, wrought-iron garage door, very fine quality.  I wanted to bring my car down and use the garage!

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that you are realizing that some major life expansion that has taken place, paving the way for the abilities and gifts you have stored up to be presented  and offered to others.  You are becoming aware of the vast potential opening up for new relationships, work ideas, networking, and abundant financial provision.  There is also the opportunity for a fresh start, a clean slate with no clutter or ‘baggage’ to hinder you from a safe haven of operation.


Getting a New House dream:

I found out Dad was going to build me a new house so I could start a family.  I said I wasn’t ready to have a family, that I had to finish college first.  My sister told me to stop showing off.  The house was to be built near a college.  I knew I would have roommates while I studied. Dad & I started planning at my cousin’s house. I wanted their floor plan. I was so excited. In my newly built house I painted lower half of the wall purple. It didn’t turn out very well—I knew I would need to repaint.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you are being given the opportunity–by God–to move out in your own individual direction. There is training yet involved, and you see a model of someone’s life that you want to pattern your own life after.  As you step out and make changes and ‘own’ this new direction, perhaps exerting your own authority, you may find that practice is needed, as things don’t go the way you hoped at first.  There may be people close to you that resent what you are doing.  God gives you this dream to encourage you to proceed and enjoy what He is building for you.
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