Murder Dreams

Murder DreamsDreaming of murdering someone can often represent any tendencies we may have to bring harm or a quick end to a certain situation—to take matters into our own hands, so to speak.  

We may not be aware of the depth of our own hurt, anger, actions, or guilt that in real life may be holding us back from our fullest potential.  

What if someone murders us in our dreams?  Depending on dream details, we may need to consider the possibility that an attack of some sort is imminent.  Someone may want to harm us with their words (often represented by a knife in a dream), bullying, or using power against us (a gun would represent a ‘tool’ of  power and authority).

If someone close to us is murdered in a dream, we may have to deal the loss of potential—someone or something precious that is taken from us in a violent or untimely manner.  

Take notice of the timing in the dream—where the weight, the ‘dilemma’, or the ‘resolve’ lies—to determine the timing of an attack in your own life.  Ask Spirit if this is happening in real life NOW, if it is yet to occur, or if it has already happened and you are dealing with the aftermath.  Then you will know how to respond appropriately to your dream.

Unintended murder dream:  

I felt ‘controlled’ in this dream—I had ‘seen’ in my mind’s eye that my son had been wounded.  I ‘saw’ blood and puncture wounds.  He and I were in Walmart with his best friend and ‘something’ took over and we stomped on this friend a couple of times–I guess we were thinking that he was the perpetrator.  I was horrified to discover he was dead.  We ran out of there, but I knew we’d been caught on surveillance cameras.  I was so mortified at what we had done, and soon saw pictures of us posted everywhere—on TV, billboards, etc., for the public to recognize us and turn us in.  I was horrified at my actions and what my friends would see about this hidden, ugly side of me.

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream says that words have been spoken that have caused you confusion and hurt, perhaps by someone very close to you. Your dream is cautioning you to not defend your position, possibly out of  repressed anger or angst.  If you do, your dream says that you could experience negative consequences such as isolation or a damaged reputation. Your dream is given to encourage you to process your feelings and deal with them in the most productive manner possible.


Guilty of Murder:

In my dream, I had killed a man—I think it had been an accident, but I knew it was my fault. and I was trying to hide the body.  I had wrapped the dead man in a light blue sheet and tied it with ropes, like a mummy, and dragged it to a place to hide it. knew that sooner or later, somebody would find it and somehow link the murder to me . I was very afraid, my sister who lives abroad was the only person who knew what I had  done, and I was sure that she was not going to tell anyone, but she was very upset with me. I was so afraid, and worried about what would my friends think about me,  suddenly I saw many friends from my church, close friends, people that I really love, and I thought, ” They are going to be  very disappointed with me, and, ” What is God going to think about me?” I’ve been always a nice person, and  now  they will find out that I did such a horrible thing killing that man.” I knew I would go to jail and get expelled from this country (I live in the US but I’m from another country). I was really afraid and I was thinking about that man I had killed, I didn’t know who he was, and  he was just an innocent person, but I was concerned that his family could be looking for him. I was afraid that God was going to disapprove me. I knew the death had not been intentional, however I would have no way to prove  this, It was my fault. It was very very frightening.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that there is some action in your (recent?) past that you feel responsible for, that is continuing to ‘haunt’ you, something that you feel bad about, something undealt-with, and the enemy of your soul is magnifying the issue, causing guilt, doubt, and extreme fear of consequences, such as disappointing the important people in your life. One’s imagination can run wild about possibilities—but your dream is calling attention to the need to seek God and listen for any issues He may be wanting you to confront and settle, so that you can live in freedom and peace.

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