Night Encounters

Night EncountersHave you ever been awakened at night with an extreme heaviness or fear—or a an ecstatic expectancy  and emotional elation—that seems ‘alive’ in your spiritually-charged sleeping atmosphere?  You may have experienced night encounters. 

While our bodies are sleeping, our spirits are awake and aware of both positive as well as negative forces that are touching us and interacting with us.  Discernment is needed to determine the source of these encounters—as well as how we should respond!  

Intimidation ‘dream’:

I dreamed I was having a difficulty breathing, like someone had put a heavy blanket on top of me.  I was suffocating.  I woke up and literally felt someone’s hands around my throat and there was a dark presence and stench in my room.  I had to struggle to get free and I was too afraid to sleep  after that.

Dream Interpretation: 

This is an example of a night encounter, where you were assaulted by a negative spirit.  The purpose was to intimidate you and cause fear, perhaps to hold you back from your life purpose or even an important task that is ahead for you.  Calling out for God’s help (the Good spirit) to chase away the offending spirit of darkness and fear assures victory for you.  It would also be important to identify any areas of your life that need strengthening or cleansing, to make sure you are not ‘inviting’ further nighttime attacks.

Note:  Positive encounters at night are also common–but it is still important to discern the source and the result of these meetings upon your life.  Look at the following example:


Power in the Grocery Store:

Night EncountersI was in the grocery store In the aisle near the pickles.  I see a person wearing a blue cloak over head and body. I thought it was Mrs. Wright, the little old lady that lives down by the river. The person comes up next to me. I say, ‘Hello?’  Now the person is standing up tall and looks at me. It is NOT Mrs. Wright—but either Jesus or an angel. He took my hand and all I saw was light. Like power going on and into me. Just bright light. Power and light going through my body over and over again.  I woke up exhilarated and spiritually recharged!

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that when you least expect it, God’s spirit shows up face to face with you and infuses power into your spirit—a supernatural impartation in his touch connects you with his energy and light and greater revelation of WHO he is. Your dream may also indicate an actual personal encounter with him during the night season.

Night Encounters

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