NightmaresNightmares are often frightening enough to cause a person to want to quit dreaming! 

This is especially true in children, who are gifted to receive dreams and ‘see’ spiritual beings in their rooms at night.  Affirming them in their intuitive abilities and helping them take ‘authority’ over the negative things they are experiencing can turn the night time into a much more joyful time.  

Dreams arrive from different sources:  our inner self, our own desires and stresses, etc., from God, from negative influences.  For a nightmare, it is crucial to determine the source and the purpose of the dream. 

Questions to ask:  

      • Is it meant to frighten or ‘bully’?  To convince you of a lie about yourself? To keep you from ultimately reaching your destiny? (Common tactics of negative beings—this can include the typical ‘monster under the bed’  fright)
      • Is the nightmare regarding some current life circumstances that you may be processing and worrying about?  (Self-condition type of dreams)  
      • Could the dream be from God, alerting you to a situation in order to warn you or prompt you to make a change?  Look for the difference in tone—is there ‘conviction’ about a situation that helps you move forward, or ‘condemnation’ that creates a powerless, hopeless and fearful feeling?
      • Are your dreams possibly revealing fears that have become a problem in your life? (read more about ‘Fear dreams)

Learning to wisely respond to a nightmare does depend on understanding the purpose and origin of the dream—it takes time, discernment and practice.  

Remember that God is Light, and when you invite Light into Darkness and scary situations, the Light drives away the darkness, so that you can see more clearly.  Seek revelation and illumination!

Nightmare:  Knock at the Door 

nightmareI dreamed it was just before bedtime and suddenly there was a knock at my front door . . . someone was trying to get inside.  I was frightened and woke up.  This dream happened two nights in a row, and the second time, the knocking turned into a heavy banging that grew louder and more intense.  Lightning began outside at the same time.  I did not want to answer that door .  I woke up very scared, feeling like it was all real.  I grabbed my husband for protection, and he had to keep reassuring me that I was only dreaming.

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dreams say that you may soon face a situation that you are fearful of.  You are given the dream to prepare you—to assure you that whatever it is, this is an opportunity to see God’s power displayed as you confront it, and it probably won’t go away until you address it. 🙂

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