Past Relationship Dreams

Past Relationship DreamsIf you dream about people from your past, determine if you are the main character of the dream —or is the other person?  (If you are the main character, the dream is probably about you, not them).

What was the nature of your relationship with them?  Were they an authority in your life?  A casual acquaintance?  A lover or spouse?  A family member? A tormentor?  Someone no longer alive?  

These questions determine the role they play in your life and what they might represent in your dream. Why are they no longer in your life?

Do you think they are symbolic or literal in the dream? There may have been a hurtful breach that still needs healing or closure.

Also, determine any outstanding characteristics of that person that you may feel drawn to—or repelled by. Look for those qualities as a theme in your dream.

Completing the Scrapbook with ex-boyfriend Dream:

I walked with Jim down the road my grandomother lives on—I grew up there.  Suddenly, I am sitting on the floor next to Jim at the foot of a bed.  There is a box in front of us and he pulls out of it a blue journal/scrapbook that I’ve been keeping of our relationship.  (Right now the book is only half finished) but in the dream it was completed.  Later, he picked me up, hugged me really passionately.  I felt so happy and I desired him.  I felt so loved and held onto him tightly.

Question for dreamer:  Who is Jim?

Answer:  In real life, Jim is the man I love.  It was a long distance relationship for over a year.  We broke up but are still friends.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream shows your feelings about your relationship with Jim, or someone else currently close to you.  You have some ‘history’ together but you desire to make many more happy memories together, and you are longing for an intimacy stronger than what you have.

On another level, your dream may also be addressing your  relationship with God, as it deepens and you draw closer together in a spiritual relationship that is full of joy, revelation and passion–You know you are Loved!


Airport with Ex-husband dream:

I was going to the airport with my ex-husband. We were heading to the same place but we were not in relationship with each other. I had a large suitcase, a carry on bag, my purse.  I asked my ex to introduce me to his traveling partner, and he did. Suddenly I realized I had left my passport at home. I left my luggage with airport personnel to watch so that I would not have to drag it around with me. This would also ensure that no one would steal it or put any bombs in it. I was concerned about getting back to the airport in time for the flight. My ex had seen all this so I told him I was going to go and get my passport at home. Next I was back driving my ex’s truck with him in the passenger seat. I asked him where he had parked because he had used a less expensive parking lot that I could never find. Next I was back inside the airport but did not remember parking.I asked him if he knew where I had parked. He said “you used a more expensive one because you could not find the other parking lot”. I went to airport personnel and retreived my luggage. 

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream says that you are preparing to embark on a new part of your personal journey, but an emotional dilemma from your past still greatly affects you.  As you try to find what is necessary for you to move forward, you tend to give responsibility to others for taking care of your ‘stuff’. There is a personal cost for you to have to ‘re-park’ this issue—it is difficult for you to let this matter go.  Your dream is given to encourage you to identify the problem that is draining you and to seek further closure.

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