Running and Being Chased Dreams

Running and Being Chased DreamsRunning from perceived danger can indicate areas in our life where we feel threatened and need to find protection or security. Some common images:  hiding from monsters, fear of being caught doing something wrong, dread of bodily harm, or home intrusion.  

We need to determine the source of the dream (Good, Evil, self) and identify the issue that is causing stress.  

Often the message reveals a ‘call’ to turn around, stand firm, and face the threat head on. Or, make sure we aren’t ‘running headlong’ into something—perhaps too quickly.   

Also, consider the positive possibilities of your running and being chased dreams, like running toward a goal or a finish line!

Naked and afraid dream:

I dreamed I was inside a house, opened up the door to go outside.  There was a man sitting across the street who was watching me.  At first I wasn’t afraid, but then I realized I was naked and became scared.  I tried to cover myself with my hands but I realized he could still see me.  He started to speak and run toward me.  I panicked and bolted to get back inside to hide from him and was sliding the deadbolt into the door lock when he appeared at the door and tried to get in.  I woke with a start.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream is saying that you experience a moment of vulnerability in front of someone, leaving you feeling a little exposed and possibly at risk for harm, but that you have ‘security measures’ in place.  Your dream is given to give you peace in those emotionally fearful circumstances.


Danger in the Dark dream:

My husband and a group of people were in his 4 x 4 truck, going somewhere.  I was in the back and didn’t want to go, so I jumped out he left me.  It got dark—two men came after me—they tried to catch me and rape me.  I don’t remember if they did.  I just remember running and calling out for help.  People heard me but didn’t really think I was in danger so they all ignored me and left me, too.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream contains a bit of warning.  You find yourself ‘on board’ in a particular venture, perhaps even something God-‘appointed’–there is a creative plan for your destiny.  But if you are tempted to ‘jump ship’ too early and do your own thing, there could be a radical change in your journey—you may experience rejection and possible spiritual harm.

Running with ease:

Running and Being Chased DreamsI dreamed that I was running somewhere very hilly.  It was a familiar ‘track’, like I had taken this route many times before.  I was running and going up a hill that in the past I  had to stop because I got winded and weary and weak, and could barely make it.  To my surprise this time, though, I was able to keep going up strongly and barely winded.  I made it to the top, no problem–I was getting in better shape—this was so encouraging.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says you are making delightful progress in a particular activity that has caused you stress and has been a weak area for you before.  It has been full of ups and downs.  As a result of your perseverance and conditioning, though, you have gained surprising strength and have an easier, more joyful ‘road’ ahead of you.

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