Self-Revealing Dreams

Self-Condition Dreams:  The Real Scoop About YOU—in Dream Interpretation

As a dream interpreter who has worked through thousands of dreams, I can say that easily the most common type of dream experienced by dreamers are ‘self-condition’ dreams. These dreams function as a “State of the Union” address—a revelation of how a person is doing in life.  They can be a snapshot of self-disclosure, but they are often are given from God’s perspective, to show us how we stand with him or with other people.  They are intensely personal and brutally honest.

Some recent simple examples:

  • Self-Condition Dreams:  The Real Scoop About YOU---in Dream InterpretationA mother with several young children at home dreams about being in a house with no doors and constant incoming crowds demanding food and attention from her.
  • A college student nearing graduation dreams of running a marathon but getting bogged down in a muddy stretch.  He feels he can’t go on because he is carrying a heavy backpack and there are too many people at the finish line for him to break through.
  • An entrepreneur who has been working for months to launch a new web business looks up from her computer work in a dream to see that the ‘office’ has been built, workers are in place, the ‘shop’ is well-stocked, and a grand opening sign welcomes new visitors.
  • A woman entering into marriage counseling dreams of skydiving–a fearful leap into inky blackness—but she discovers that she is equipped with a good parachute and after she jumps, her vision adjusts to the moonlight she didn’t realize was there.

These self-revealing dreams reflect the essence of truth of what is happening to the dreamers—spanning both human and divine perception of their circumstances .  These dreamers feel the overwhelming weight of their responsibilities—they are being stretched.  Present reality is revealed so that the dreamers can press in toward the finish line and meet the deadlines, or possibly make necessary changes along the way help ease the load.

Our self-revealing dreams can reveal a mess we are in, so that we can tidy up.  Or, they may encourage us when we feel unsure of the ‘unknowns’ ahead—in discovering that we are on the right track and making the right decisions.

If we deal effectively with the issues revealed, our lives will change dramatically.

Most of us are pretty hard on ourselves….this tendency can appear in our dreams. Often, though, God has a different perspective on how we are doing.  If you have a self-condition dream, determine the issue at hand, and ask the Dream Giver what he thinks about you and how well you are doing.  Ask for additional insight and direction.  You might be surprised and delighted!