Snake Dreams

Snake Dreams

Are you seeing snakes in your dreams? Lots of folks these days seem to be experiencing frequent shocking, slithering serpent dreams.

Most symbols potentially hold positive as well as negative meanings. Snakes rarely mean something positive (snakes do not usually evoke a positive feeling for most people), yet they do sometimes represent healing (think of the story of Moses and the snake lifted up—and our modern-day medical symbol).

On the negative side, snakes would generally symbolize deceit, lies, ‘long tails/tales’, something “low’ and fear-inducing. If you dream you are in a house full of snakes, it is time to examine twisting untruths that might be ‘lying around’. Or be on the lookout for a ‘double-crosser’.

Your snake dreams would be given to call your attention to search for anything that might ‘bite’ or undermine the truth. Look for the source, where the snakes are feeding and breeding. Often, the lie is fairly obvious—like my grandmother used to tell me when I couldn’t find something that was in plain sight, “If it was a snake, it would have bitten you.” 

Snakes’ color, their position, and action in the dream and dreamer’s feeling about them snakes are important factors to consider when interpreting.

Questions to ask:  Are there many snakes, or just one?  Are they large or small, poisonous or harmless?  Where is the snake?  If  it is in your house, it could be that deception of kind has ‘taken up residence’  in a particular part of your life.  


Seeing snakes dream:  

I had this snake dream right before I started working for my new company.  I was at a huge dinner event on the steps of the Government Center.  It was dark and I was sitting next to my new boss, on his right side, with my computer.  Then, I was in a convertible car with a college friend and we got to a road full of animals.  The place reminded me of the garden of Eden and then I saw a fox.  Then I saw a bridge covered in debris and three snakes, one on each side and wrapped in the bushes overhead.  I didn’t want to cross the bridge for fear the snakes would get into my car.

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream is saying that there is a transition in your life where all would appear to be ‘blissful’ and above board, but you are shown that there are little deceptions and ‘crafty’ actions somewhat hidden within the organization you are learning to maneuver through.  You are concerned about keeping ‘free and clear’ of  these negative things that you are aware of.  Your dream is given to warn you and help you process your situation so that you can seek wisdom and guidance for how to proceed most wisely.


Snakes in the house:

I was in the basement of my childhood home with my husband and children.  Someone told me that they saw a snake.  I went to the laundry room and saw two huge pythons about 10 feet long.  I tried to corner them but they slithered under the washing machine. Next, we are in a kitchen and the snakes are upstairs, under the sink.  We are eating with my brother and sister-in-law.  I say we need to work and pray together in order to get rid of the snakes.  I say the only way we can get rid of them is to work in unity.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream is highlighting your awareness of some choking lies or influences from your family of origin that have invaded your present family life.  Your heart desires unity and a ‘purging’ of deception among you, and you are able to see that it will take a group effort to identify and eradicate the negative, elusive but visible problems that are keeping your family from experiencing freedom.

Dreamer feedback:

I am aware of lies and ways of dealing with issues that are negatively affecting my family of origin relationships.  I don’t feel I have been given the strategy to deal with them—whenever I try to deal with the issues, they seem to slip out of my grasp.  Thank you for your interpretation!

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