Dreams of Storms/Tsunamis/Tornados

Storms/Tsunamis/TornadosTornados or storms in dreams can represent impending threats coming in the dreamer’s life.  Whether the clouds or swirling winds are light- or dark-colored can indicate the source and the strength of the forces on the horizon.  Storms can represent a positive cleansing or a restructuring necessary if they are white or light-colored….or an attempt to destroy, if the dream seems dark and ominous.  

Sudden Tornado dream:

I dreamed there was s sudden wind.  I looked out a window and saw a small white tornado heading toward us.  I told my husband, and without hesitation, we headed for the basement (not our real house)–we called our dogs to follow us.  We had just barely gotten down into the stairway and the tornado passed through, then it was gone.  We went back up to assess the damage.  Some things and bricks were out of place and there was some dirt and debris but nothing major I don’t think.  My husband had in his hands a very high-tech, boxy looking far-reaching satellite type of phone.  It had just appeared and he was calling for help.  I was so surprised at how quickly everything happened.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream is revealing an imminent shakeup or trouble that threatens your home or marriage, but you are able to see it coming and are able to lie low and emerge from the situation relatively unscathed—the perceived threat is worse than the actual damage done. Some cleanup and followup may be necessary, but you have direct access to supernatural resources and support.


Horrendous Windstorm dream:

I saw a person walk off toward a hill—I saw their back. My wife, son and daughter are then on the hill, in the gazebo between the house and the barn where I grew up. A big wind starts.  It gets really strong. My daughter is facing it, like she is enjoying the force of the wind.  I am concerned the gazebo will blow away and be destroyed. I look at the sky to see if it is a tornado.  The sky was blue with clouds but no sign of any storm.  The wind blows trees but doesn’t seem to remove leaves. Dust is sucked into the wind, and dead trees are vaporized by the wind from the top down.  I grab my daughter and pull her into me, and figuring that if we stay together we might survive a wind like this.

Dream Interpretation: 

Your dream is showing a powerful ‘storm’ in your family, especially regarding old past issues that you are allowing to be removed.  The situation can seem overpowering and potentially destructive to you at times, as you want to be the ‘protector’, and your daughter is particularly embracing what is happening. Your dream is given to encourage you to welcome the positive cleansing effects,  to remind you that your family is anchored together and possesses the strength and stability to survive the brief period of turbulence.


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