Taking Tests Dreams

Taking Tests DreamsTaking tests is a normal and constant part of life—stressful sometimes!  Life is full of assessments or challenges, both literally, as well as spiritually, or regarding issues of character, wisdom, or resolve.

Tests are designed to give us a ‘reading’ about our current level of proficiency, areas that we may be struggling with, making us mindful of our potential or the end result.  Our souls and spirits are being ‘examined’.  

Taking tests dreams often give us a reality check of where we stand against our current challenges.  

Hopefully we will ‘pass’ through our times of scrutiny–quickly.  If not, we may have to keep taking that test—until are successful!

Job test dream:

I wanted a particular job and was taking a test to get it.  I opened it up–it was multiple choice.  I skipped to the fourth page, and saw that the questions were complicated and that a person needed high level training in order to answer.  I went back to the beginning.  It was a timed test and I had wasted much time looking through the questions–I was behind.  I just started filling in circles so I could finish.  The monitor said time was up, and I hadn’t even started the next part of the test.  A friend who was with me started complaining about the test and I joined in and complained, too.  I felt that I had absolutely NO chance of getting this job.

Dream Interpretation:  

Your dream says that you are being ‘tested’ for strength of character for a new assignment in life.  The challenge seems long and puzzling, perhaps with many options, as well as a bit daunting to see the whole picture of what is ahead.  You are aware of time passing quickly, and feel you are not prepared.  As frustration mounts, you may have the tendency to fuss or blame.  You are given this dream to heighten your awareness of the purpose of this season of your life, to prompt you to focus on first things first, and to check your responses, which may indicate determination whether or not you ‘pass’ and are promoted.


Driver’s license Exam Dream:  

In this dream I was taking a driver’s license exam. It had two parts. The first part went with out any problems. In the second part I had to watch a video.  A co-worker kept talking. I have no idea why she was there. She didn’t have anything to do with the exam. The tester was there but said nothing. Because of the interference the second part of the exam was delayed to the next day.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that you are in a season of testing that is preparing you to lead an activity or spiritual venture. Part of the ‘test’ involves your ability to concentrate and receive revelation in the midst of distracting situations. The better you can do this, or even to deal with the disruptiveness head on, the sooner you get released to ‘navigate’ the road that lies ahead for you.

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