Teeth Dreams

teeth dreamsTeeth in dream interpretation often represent our wisdom or understanding:  the ability to digest or process something that is happening—in a certain situation.   

It is important to pay attention to which teeth are affected in our dream:  missing incisors can mean we are lacking the ability to make decisions, front teeth are what we present when we smile or how we ‘eat away’ at things in life.  Eye teeth can represent our revelation or what we ‘see’, and if we are missing our wisdom teeth, it is time to ask for help!

If only one tooth is loose or missing, there is one particular area we need strengthening or clarity in.  If they are all gone, we may be feeling totally in the dark.  

Hopefully we are not biting off more than we can chew!  

Lost teeth dream: 

I was at work and somehow lost some teeth.  Just one broke at the gum, and then the others came out, long root and all.  I put them in the freezer, hoping they could be fixed by a dentist.  I also may have thought I would just get new ones put in, of some strange gooey material.  When I put the teeth in the freezer, they were pliable and weak, and I had to bend them back in shape. I left and returned to find that my co-workers were eating cake, which came from the freezer, and they misplaced my teeth!  I was upset and spoke with a lisp.  All of them, including my boss, wanted me to eat the cake, but I didn’t want to.  I finally agreed, only to find that someone had eaten most of the top of the cake.

Dream interpretation:

Your teeth dream says that there is a situation in your work where you are needing discernment and clarity—you are trying to bring repair yourself, hoping to discover a better solution than what is available, and co-workers are trying to get you to merely smooth things over, rather than get to the root of the problem.   A proposal given to you by your authority seems to be less than ideal.  You are given this dream to seek greater wisdom for how to respond to your dilemma, and also possibly to guard your responses (this could be a test of your character).

Missing Front Teeth dream:

I am a young girl about 6 years old, wearing a white dress with small purple flowers.  I have long brown hair and am wearing white ankle socks.  I am standing on a small hill with beautiful green grass, in an open field.  The wind is blowing very strong, with white things coming at me.  I am twirling and playing in the wind, enjoying myself.  I know that my front teeth are missing.  I can’t see they are missing, I just know they aren’t there.  God lets me know that it is okay that the teeth aren’t there now–they will be soon.

Dream interpretation:

This is probably more of a vision than a dream, since it seems somewhat literal.  It is telling you that you are childlike in spirit, innocent and pure in heart.  As you spend time enjoying the presence of God, some ‘immature’ ways of thinking and behaving are released, soon to be fully replaced with more mature wisdom and understanding.  You are given this vision to encourage you during the ‘waiting’ process—so that you can be patient in your growth process, knowing that a wonderful transformation is taking place in your life.

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