Terms & Conditions

Terms & ConditionsI agree to these terms & conditions as I participate on this website, or in classes or mentoring sessions with an open mind and an open heart, to search for truth and agree to think outside the box and listen beyond what I think I might ‘hear’.

I agree to adopt humility, hunger, and teachability along with my teacher or coach as we learn together.

I promise to ask questions when I don’t understand something.  I will respect other students in classes or on this website with my responses no matter their backgrounds or beliefs.

I will use my intellect, my common sense, and my spiritual perception to evaluate and test what I am taught and what others may say to me about dreams and dream interpretation. I aim to learn and to have fun as I discover what my dreams mean!


Dream Journal Terms and Conditions

Our dream interpretations are guaranteed to be confidential, prayerful, non-judgmental, spiritual but non-religious, truthful, kind and encouraging, succinct, and yet comprehensive and descriptive in analysis.  Your dream interpretation may contain some destiny details, but interpretations are designed for insight or awareness, not personal advice or counsel.  Dream interpretations most often confirm a direction you are already sensing but they can also redirect or give additional information for situations you are facing.

You, the dreamer, will find that your spirit will resonate or agree with words of interpretation—or not.  Dreams are symbolic and may address many subjects and time periods.  If a dream interpretation seemingly alludes to something in the present tense and doesn’t seem accurate, often timing is the issue—if you wait and watch, you will often see the events unfold.

Dreamer, please agree to these terms and conditions before proceeding:

I agree to consult trusted advisors in my life and the Spirit of Truth, as well as using my common sense before making life decisions and not basing my choices solely on dream interpretations given by Destiny Dreamz interpreters.  I will not  hold Destiny Dreamz dream interpreters responsible for any decisions I make.