How to Use Your Seer Gift to Really, Really Discourage People

How to Use Your Seer Gift to Really, Really Discourage People

10. The supernatural becomes real—you can walk on water, give a speech with ease, walk around naked without anybody noticing, or successfully fight off Ninja warriors 9. You receive insight into the lives of people you know—and yes, there will be a ‘test’ 8. You gain instant conversation starters with your spouse, co-workers and friends Do you have a seer gift? Also known as intuition or a prophetic aptitude, it is the ability to see, hear, or sense beyond normal. People who have this gift can see into the spiritual realm in various ways.

Hearing God’s voice and interpreting dreams and visions are only a couple of means of prophetic ‘knowing’. People may possess these abilities, but no one starts out fully mature in handling what they see or sense.

Everything written in the coming paragraphs is sarcasm. I’ve been on the receiving end of all of these practices. I’m not hurt, angry, or addressing any particular person. So don’t email me to ask what is afoot. I’ve been guilty myself of committing many of these no-no’s. (Sarcasm begins here):

How to Use Your Seer Gift to Really, Really Discourage People

If you deeply desire to build friendships, to use your revelatory gift to glorify God, to gain favor for yourself in leadership or ministry, make your best effort to regularly incorporate the following crucial tactics:

1. Point out people’s flaws and mistakes. God sees everybody’s faults and wants to use YOU to bring conviction and shame. Show them how they are wrong, and give plenty of advice so they know how to repent and do things right. Point your finger boldly in their face for added emphasis.

2. Add a holy air (err). Expose and correct people regarding what they say or how they act—and then go gossip about them with other people for “prayer purposes.” Hold other people to higher standards than you set for yourself.

3. Tell everything immediately. Don’t waste precious time interpreting or waiting for further revelation. It is especially helpful if you speak up without consideration for timing or relevance. Go ahead and tell people you see ‘orange flowers’ all around them . . . they should be able to know what that means—and they should feel extremely blessed by your encouraging words.

4. Blame God. Leave out kindness and love when you point out people’s faults. You can even act angry so they think God is angry with them, too. Claim to speak on God’s behalf—and don’t worry if you get it wrong once in a while. If you are wrong, then it was only God’s will, or maybe he changed his mind. It is especially powerful if you add the words, “God is telling you . . . to send me money . . . “(or whatever). If God is speaking, then the person you are ministering to must receive every word you say, or else they are clearly unspiritual and in the wrong.

5. Use as many words as possible. Speak in metaphors and in vague, flowery, religious language so people will assume you are in mysterious, mystical deep state of communication with God. It is good to take people hostage to your ‘blah blah blah’s….their lives will be richer for having listened to your seer gift wisdom.

6. Interpret your dreams literally and share them quickly. It will make your friend’s day to hear that he will die in a car wreck, that his kids are drowning, and that his spouse is pregnant.

7. Tease them. Tell people, “God is telling me stuff about you . . . but I am not free to share it right now.” Your friends will feel blessed and commit to patiently waiting for your next installment of intelligence.

8. Remind people of your abilities. Call yourself a seer, a prophet, a specialist, a super-spiritual, magnificent master. Sing your own praises about the times you ‘nailed’ someone—and watch the amazement freeze on folks’ faces.

I’ve only mentioned a few vital highlights of how to use your seer gift to really, really discourage people. You can contact me if you are interested in learning more. I will gladly assist you, because, I am, of course, an expert in my field. 🙂

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