Preamble to ‘What Goes into a Dream Interpretation’

Preamble to ‘What Goes into a Dream Interpretation’

Preamble to ‘What Goes into a Dream Interpretation’The subject of dream interpretation elicits conversation nearly everywhere. Mention that you interpret dreams and get ready to listen for a while, as mostly everyone wants to share their dreams. Sweet connection and joy is sure to follow—as folks eagerly reveal intimate details of their lives, even with a complete stranger.

Every year, hundreds—if not thousands—of dreams seem to land on my desk from people wanting help unlocking their night-time messages.

Some people are just curious and perhaps even dubious. They might not even care about dreams but may be a little intrigued.

Some people know their dreams are important but don’t know why—they don’t know where or how to begin to understand. They would love it if you interpret their dreams AND train them how to do it. These are the people who will hand me their entire dream journal and ask me to go through it and interpret every dream for them! (This is why we teach dream interpretation classes—so we don’t have to interpret FOR people—we teach them how to do it themselves).

Once, a lady stopped me in the ladies’ restroom—I was halfway into a stall, with my pants already unzipped, when she said, “I’ve been wanting to ask you about my dream! I dreamed that I was….” And she wouldn’t leave until I listened and muttered a quick interpretation.

Other folks have studied and practiced and trained, but need other crazy dream interpreter cohorts to help in further understanding. We love to discuss dreams for hours. We sharpen each other as we delve deep into spiritual principles and patterns we’ve studied together. We tell stories, share difficult dreams and dilemmas we face in dream ministry.

If you have a gift, training, love for people, and a heart to help, you’ve also got to know how to manage the demand.

I’m learning that I have to discern a person’s level of interest and need BEFORE I agree to interpret—to determine how much effort to give. How many hours have I spent working on a dream for someone—thinking, praying, deliberating, writing it out, and sending it, never to hear from them again?

It makes you wonder if you made any difference for them, or if you both just wasted lots of time. Maybe it’s like an artist fashioning a customized piece of artwork for someone who didn’t order it or even really want it in the first place.

I love feedback on my dream interpretationsI admit, I value feedback! I want to know if my insights hit the mark, or not. Sometimes you can’t tell what’s going on with a dreamer. Quite often, though, I hear YEARS later how one of my interpretations helped change a life.

If I’m going to be intentional about giving my time and my best interpretive work for someone, I think it would be wise to make sure the dreamer is intentional to some degree about receiving what I have to offer.

I believe nearly every dream is worthy of time and attention, and I love helping folks find dream ‘enlightenment’. After all, a dream un-interpreted is like a hand-written love letter, unopened.

Share your thoughts! In what areas of your life are you gifted? How do you manage your time and energy in releasing to others?

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Preamble to ‘What Goes into a Dream Interpretation’

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