Boot Scootin' and Dream Walkin'

Boot Scootin’ and Dream Walkin’

bootsI live in West Texas with bunches of ‘normal’ people—and cowboys. It is not unusual to go somewhere and hear the familiar ‘thud/clink thud/clink thud/clink’ produced by someone walking by wearing boots with spurs. I grew up in a big city, and when I moved to small-town Texas, let’s say I experienced culture shock that lasted for several years. Surprise, snickers, and scornful thoughts often crossed my heart path before I adjusted to Texas.

We all have to adapt to the culture around us in order to become effective members of our community. I rebelled for awhile, but now, I love Texas, and I own three pairs of cowboy boots. (No spurs, though).

My thoughtful husband bought me my first pair of boots for my 50th birthday. He took a risk and said he wanted something to match my personality and something to complement my destiny—colorful and outrageous! Surprisingly, the boots were a hit (pictured).

I view my boots and my small boot ‘collection’ as a prophetic picture of transformation—from a shy, ‘don’t-make-waves’ kind of girl to a much bolder, kick-butt, dream-interpreting minister/pioneer. I know I am called to go into dark, discouraging spaces to bring light and encouragement.

Boots are ‘equipment’ for protection, peace-bringing, and STYLE. A tangible reminder of who I am, where I live, and how I am to live. I want to be instrumental in stomping out evil negativity wherever I go, with supernatural power and creative flair, inspiring others to walk a similar path. My boots have taken me through some fun adventures.

A friend told me about a dream she had recently—as she is starting a new outreach with prisoners. She was given a new, fancy outfit, and some beautiful, shining, golden boots. They radiated light.  Because of her dream, she felt loved, excited, and ready to launch.

Now that’s what I’m talking about . . . boot scootin’ two-steppin’ destiny! Yeehaw!

I reckon the time is NOW that we all should, in our own style—Boot up and Boot out!


Boot Scootin’ and Dream Walkin’

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