Green Dreams

Green Dreams

Green DreamsDo you ever dream in Green, or notice something especially green highlighted in your dreams, as if someone used a huge paintbrush to attract your attention? Pay attention to the colors in your dreams—they often contribute to the dream’s meaning.

Several times last week I listened to people share their ‘green dreams’, and each person held their own unique interpretation of what the green meant. There is no such thing as one ‘universal’ meaning for green.

Volumes have been written about light and color and how they reflect and radiate…there is so much to study and understand about our Creator’s use of color. Colors will often complement or support meanings of elements, rather than stand alone. They can have positive as well as negative import.

Let’s unpack some possible meanings based on scriptures and cultural idioms and phrases. These are the most common meanings, but there can be more.

If you have had a dream with something green in it, read through this partial list of possible symbolic clues and pay attention to any that seem more significant or weighty to your particular dream:

  • Life or growth—vibrant (think spring green) (Exodus 10:15)
  • Inexperienced (new or green at doing something)
  • Prosperity or wealth– lots of money (‘green’)
  • Provision—(food–Genesis 1:30)
  • Conscience or the heart of God
  • Jealous or envious (‘the green-eyed monster’)
  • “Go ahead” –you are given the ‘green light’ to proceed
  • Holistically-environmentally-minded (‘going green’)
  • Refreshing or restful (Psalm 23:2)

Example: Several years ago I dreamed about a much-loved spiritual leader friend whose actions had hurt many people very deeply. We did not understand what was going on in his heart. In the dream, he was wearing a vivid green shirt, and a hot iron fell on his chest and sizzled, but he amazingly was not hurt.

I puzzled, prayed about this dream, and waited, but didn’t understand until a year later, when I was ironing. Spirit reminded me of that dream and told me, “His conscience (green shirt) was seared.” His heart was hardened toward us. We heartbreakingly found that to be true as we grieved and tried unsuccessfully to repair relational damage.

Another example: My daughter loves the color green—it is her life color. She graduated from Dartmouth College—guess what the school color is? When my dreams are obviously green-hued, sometimes they are clueing me into something that is happening in her life so I can be more mindful of her.

How do you know what green means in YOUR dream? Here is the key: listen to the Spirit. Ponder these common possibilities, meditate, and watch for further revelation to unfold. It takes time to research and pray and wait for dream symbol meanings, but the process of learning and understanding Spirit’s love language to us is worth it!


Green Dreams

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