New Beginnings and Perfect Timing

New Beginnings and Perfect Timing

New Beginnings and Perfect TimingI received a beautiful clock for a gift. It is quite an eye-catcher, with a moving pendulum, muted jewel tones, punctuated with a rose design, and it says “Dream” on it—perfect for a dream interpreter who loves color and roses.

Problem is, the clock doesn’t work. The hands do not move at all. (Yes, we even installed batteries the right way). The pendulum swings and the clock ticks, but it doesn’t tell time. After several days of fiddling with the clock, we exchanged it for another one exactly like it. The new one doesn’t work either.

Odd happenings like this often pique my attention, prompting the familiar question, “If this situation were a dream, what would it mean?”

The clock looks and sounds like it is working—the power source is active. There is potential for movement but the reason for the stoppage seems hidden from our understanding. And yes, the clock is accurate at least twice a day.

Our family is currently in a season of transition, desiring to make deliberate decisions in right timing. Celebrating the beginning of a new year and another birthday for me seems to usher in a fresh perspective for goals and schedule.

I believe I’m being shown that the gift of time has been placed in my hands….and that I have more options regarding freedom, timing, and presentation of my life than I would have realized without a deeper consideration. There is more going on ‘behind the scenes’ than I may be aware of right now.

So, for now, my phenomenal prophetic clock displays 8:00—representing ‘new beginnings’. I place my life ‘timing’ into the hands of God, who never changes, but is always the same. We will keep ‘watch’ for shifts in rhythm or course so we can be alert and punctual when stepping into prime, timely opportunities…not too early, nor too late.

If we keep in step with Spirit, things like time don’t ultimately matter much anyway.

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