What Color is Your Car (and Your Life)?

What Color is Your Car (and Your Life)? Thinking outside the boxIf you could pick out any new car, and you could make specific feature requests, what would you ask for? What accessories or capabilities are important to you? What color would you choose?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cars and what they represent in our society—and in dream interpretation (of course). They are functional, getting us to where we need to go. They can be status symbols, revealing our taste and level of financial means. In dreams, they represent our job, part of our life, our calling, our ministry.

If we have a yearning in real life for a car other than what we actually own, could it be that in our spiritual life, we are also desiring something different, perhaps something MORE…flashy? Fast? Functional? Comfortable?

Outward pursuits and daydreaming often reflect inward hopes and desires.

carsI’ve also noticed a strange phenomenon. Here in Texas, at least, ninety-five percent of all cars on the roads are either white, silver, tan, grey, black, red. There are a few blue, and maybe one percent random colors like orange or green or yellow. What is up with this?

If you drive past car dealerships, nearly all car models come in these ‘standard’ colors. Who decides what car colors are ‘in’? The choices are limited, so I guess people buy what is available.

If I want to purchase a new car in lime green or purple, I’m out of luck, unless I want to special order and wait!

Once, I saw this amazing iridescent car—it changed colors with every turn. I hope it didn’t cause a bunch of wrecks because of its uniqueness. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. My thoughts were, “I want to be like that, reflecting Light in surprising and dazzling ways!”

Symbolically speaking, if we are considering launching out in ministry or a new business, we may adopt the thinking that what we ‘build’ has to conform to what is ‘out there’. Or, perhaps we can realize that there are other ‘colors’ that can flavor our endeavors, not just the whites, tans, blacks, boring standard offerings. Too often, we allow people’s expectations to limit our imaginings.

We can shape the norm—rattle the status quo box a bit—by courageously displaying our own one-of-a-kind treasures. We don’t HAVE to do things like everyone else. Iridescent and ever-changing is bold, refreshing, and delightful.

If you could pick any car, color, frills, essentials—to offer the world—what would you choose?

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