Dream Interpretation: Wonder Woman

Dream Interpretation: Wonder Woman

Bus StationI’ve had many life-changing dreams over time and recently I had another one—the kind that stops me in my tracks and shifts my perspective permanently.  It’s personal.  But I want to share it because I think the message is universal, potentially a message for many other people.  Can you relate to this dilemma and message?

Dream:  Wonder Woman

I dreamed I was driving a shuttle around and around an underground bus terminal.  There were deep potholes and crumbly asphalt in places, and I had driven around so much I knew where they were and how to navigate around them.  Everything was grey and ugly and it smelled like exhaust.

Wonder WomanThe workers there were all wearing black, they were sad and busy detailing cars and busses, washing wheels.  They looked like Gru from Despicable Me.  They looked like funeral caretakers.

My daughter, Amy, was in the shuttle with me.  (She is a brilliant analyst, an admirable super strong achiever, and darling person who lives in D.C. in real life). In my dream, though, I knew she represented my Gift.

We stopped at the office and she got out and looked around.  She came back, dressed in camouflage gear with automatic weapons, guns, knives, and ammo strapped all over her.  She had a heavy pack full of more weapons and tools.  She struck a Wonder Woman pose and announced, “I’m going to quit my job and work for the bus station.”

Dream Interpretation: Wonder WomanI and the perceived but unseen crowd who knew her, gasped and I knew we were all thinking that was a ridiculous idea.  She was way overdressed and equipped for a bus terminal job.  Why give up what she is successful at and downgrade?  She needs to do what she is called to do and not settle for anything less. It was a no-brainer situation.  End of Dream.

The Interpretation

Many of you know that I have been job hunting HARD for more than 4 months, submitting job applications for tons of positions and encountering only closed doors.  I’ve also worked my Destiny Dreamz business full time and it has grown, people have joined the team to help me, and funds have flowed in.  I’ve lacked for nothing while in search for the illusive ‘job’ I thought I was supposed to secure.  And I’ve worked many stinky yet ‘normal’ jobs that weren’t my ‘fit’ or my calling just simply to pay bills and ‘be responsible’.

This dream is my answer, though in my heart I’m still coming to grips with the message and encouragement to take what I’m designed and trained to do and do it with all of my heart, not settling for anything less than my ‘Dream Job.’  I’ve trained, served, and taught about dreams and developing prophetic abilities for over 20 years now and it is time to take the leap—daring to trust for full provision and increase as I do what I love.  I’m dressed for the assignment, equipped to do battle to help people with their destiny and their dreams, slaying all negative influences with a variety of weapons and tools in my possession, always available for use.  Like Wonder Woman.

My dream is saying it is time for me to step up and do what I love instead of taking (yet) another job ‘polishing the wheels’ of someone else’s vehicle (business).

It’s a scary place but thrilling at the same time.

Another reason I love dreams.  They often settle things.

What About You?

I wonder how many of you may be in a similar predicament?  Are you on the edge, perched and indecisive in between possible choices, trying to determine whether you can dare to run with what is in your heart, what you are designed to do, what you LOVE that is wild, unique and perhaps risky—or do you feel you may have to settle for something more stable, secure, maybe even boring?

Our mind can argue us into embracing situations that we think are acceptable or preferable, or what we think people in our lives would approve of.  Comfort zones provide stability, routine, familiarity, with perhaps less stretching and pain than we would prefer to do on a regular basis.

A magnet on my fridge says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I’ve found that to be true.  No pain, no gain.  Comfort tends to make us lazy and dull. Even though part of our soul longs for stability and routine, we feel angst in our spirit when, out of fear, we bow out of thrilling, stretching adventures that push us past our limits, moving from what was once Impossible into the Possible. When we are always stretching, we never lose our edge.  And I love being ‘edgy’!

The future is always unclear, even when we think our plans are solid.  Twists and turns always keep us on our toes and we get to choose how to respond to the detours.  Do we gripe and resist change, or can we embrace the opportunity and move forward, flying by faith, trusting that Someone greater than us has things under control?

Knowing who you are and what you are called to do makes all the difference in the world in how you will live life.

So, believe the truth about you!  You are equipped, experienced in ways no one else is.  You are strong, important, valuable. You have gifts and abilities that are uniquely yours.  The world needs what you have to give.  If you hide it, we all miss out. Take courage and step out and let all your brilliance shine to dazzle and inspire!  You’ve got this!


Dream Interpretation:  Wonder Woman

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  1. 2deeinup
    2deeinup says:

    Wow…that’s so awesome. His plans are always better than ours and I always knew you would end up doing this full time. Since that’s your gift…it’s the dream job for you. Blessings

    • Destiny Admin
      Destiny Admin says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, 2ddeeinup! It’s a blast! Especially with friends like you to journey along the way. You’re a gift!


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