Dream Catching by Journaling

Dream Catching by Journaling

DreamCatching by JournalingWhen I tell people that I interpret dreams, one of the most common responses I receive is, “I don’t remember my dreams.” Folks usually continue on with, “I know I’m dreaming, but I forget my dreams after I wake up.” Indeed, dreams slip away from our memory quicker than a breathtaking sunset morphs on the western horizon.

God’s voice is quite similar—we may dismiss what we hear almost before we even recognize and register that we even heard. If we are not alert, we may miss the fleeting glimpse of divine revelation that flashes through our mind and spirit.

Discouraging dilemma, simple solution: first thing, write those dreams down!

1. Just jotting down a few key phrases before you get out of bed will jog your memory when you get around to writing the whole dream down.

2. Use a journal that works well for you as a place where you can keep all of your dreams in one place. You can use a binder and loose leaf paper, a blank book, a voice recorder, or something online (check out our free, private online dream journal). I’ve also designed some worksheets with leading questions to assist serious, dedicated dream interpreters-contact me if you are interested.

3. Date and title your dream.

4. Write as a story, draw pictures, doodle, diagram, whatever method best helps you express the dream. Try to record as many details as you can remember.

5. Make note of any significant changes, decisions, or events that you are presently facing in real life—chances are good that your dream may be timely and relevant.

6. As you write, pay attention to ‘thoughts’ or impressions—because often in the journaling process and giving the dream a title, the interpretation may become clear. Log anything you sense as you work through the dream. Take time to ponder and pray, asking God to put the puzzle pieces together for you. If he gave you the dream, it honors him for you to value the deciphering process. And, the more you do it, the more he will answer—the more you will receive and understand, and you will avoid Dream Drought.

If you need further help remembering your dreams, try these helpful hints.

If you don’t understand a dream right now, you can go back to your dream journal weeks or even years later to gain insight by hindsight.

To keep a dream journal is to keep a ‘spiritual growth’ record of your life—an ever-changing process of understanding God’s night-time dream love language to us. Incorporating dream interpretation into your life-tool-chest equips you to live each day increasingly wiser and better prepared. You will never regret the time and effort you invested in understanding the meaning of your dreams.

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