Personal Dream Interpretation Mentoring

Personal Dream Interpretation Mentoring

Personal Dream Interpretation MentoringA new client I’ll call ‘Harmony’ recently scheduled a session of Personal Dream Interpretation Mentoring, asking for help with some of her dreams that were deeply troubling her. She couldn’t shake them.  She knew they had some meaning for her life but she couldn’t figure them out on her own.

We scheduled an hour of mentoring (one of the services that I offer), where we meet in person or on Skype and we unpack 2-5 dreams together.  I teach basic dream interpretation principles as we go, equipping the client to interpret for herself with a little supervised practice.

Harmony’s life is comfortable and happy, yet she was struggling with some identity and self-worth issues stemming from growing up in a culture and family structure that did not value her because of her gender—females are generally considered less valuable than a dog.

She has come a long way in rising above the negative messages so deeply ingrained in her,  is happily married to a man who treats her well.  She has children. But something still wasn’t right, and she had been seeing a counselor to help her identify what still needed to be addressed.

When we first met, I was not aware of any of this. I usually do not ask anything about people’s lives before we begin to interpret together, except how much dream training they have had, so I know where to start with instruction.

We dug into her dreams and began to pull out the truths that her heart needed to hear.  Layer after layer of affirmations about her worth, about leaving the lies behind, about embracing who she really is, about her calling to make a difference for other people out of total freedom she was walking in….and she WAS free by the time we finished our hour together!

Unbeknownst to her, Harmony’s dreams were powerfully addressing the current cries of her heart.

As we unlocked three dreams, all dealing with the same issue—how much she is loved, valued, called to walk in freedom, I watched her sob–and receive–and TRANSFORM.  Wave after wave of truth washed over her, removing decades of harsh messages, and filling her with good and kind words.  Dishonor was lifted off of her once and for all.  She saw that she has more discernment and wisdom than she was giving herself credit for.  And she realized that she now has authority and a voice to speak up in defense of others who are similarly being oppressed.

That is just one of the beautiful things about being a dream interpreter. Every day I sit before people while they share their dreams.  A I listen, I enter into the Holy Ground of their hearts. I get to CONFIRM what they have already sensed and received into their spirit through their dreams, translating the concepts that they have already been pondering, and help apply the symbolic language to their everyday life.  To me, there is nothing as exciting as watching dreamer’s faces transform as their own dreamtruth-messages hit their hearts!

Personal Dream Interpretation mentoring is not a designed to be a teaching lesson or a question/answer session, though there is some of that. I rarely just blurt out an interpretation. I do not consider myself the ‘answer lady’ but rather, I love to lead people into their own encounter with their creator and the giver of their dreams to discover the answers for themselves. My aim is to help people discover their own destiny and journey.

Dream interpretation is a crucial and often overlooked tool to revealing answers our hearts are searching for.  Our dreams reveal so much more than what appears at first glance.  If we will take the time to dig in and understand not just the symbols and how they interact with each other, but to ponder WHY a dream is given…we are armed and equipped with a higher perspective and direction for living a focused, supernaturally-charged life.

Question:  Got dreams?  Do you know what they mean?  Need a little help?  Why not schedule an hour of Personal Dream Interpretation Mentoring.  The answer for your search may be hidden in your dream journal waiting to be unearthed.  For more information or to schedule, click.

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