Lesson of the Ladybug: Be an Overcomer!

Lesson of the Ladybug: Be an Overcomer!

Lesson of the Ladybug . . . Be an Overcomer!A week ago I bought a big package of grapes from Sam’s Club, and I have been munching on bunches every day.  Yesterday I dumped the last of the grapes into a bowl of water for washing and noticed a ladybug float to the top.

I picked her out and to my amazement, she was still alive!

I took her outside and set her in my pot of mint in the shade, and watched as she staggered, dragging her legs in slow motion.  She rested, then crawled a bit, stretched and tried her wings, and when I checked on her later, she had flown away! I hope she found a happy place of freedom in the sunshine.

I’m unsure about the thinking and feeling capacity of lady bugs, but my heart sunk to imagine her long ordeal getting caught in a plastic box, traveling, sitting on a shelf, then trapped in a dark cold fridge for a week.

Which got me to thinking . . . I’ve been there, have you?

Maybe you are in a stuck place that is dark, lifeless, seemingly hopeless, with no apparent way of escape.  You feel you have been plucked, uprooted, shelved, trapped, hidden, isolated, traumatized, frozen out, unfairly smashed down, confused, and overwhelmed by suffocating darkness.

You may wonder, “How much longer can I survive in this state?”

Listen to the lesson of the ladybug and encouragement from the Spirit of Truth:

“Hang in there! Breakthrough is coming!  Your perseverance will pay off.  I know your bones hurt.  Your mind is listless.  Your heart aches for life and freedom.  You see no way out. The days and the nights are LONG and you think you are going out of your mind . . . .

However, breakthrough comes just when things look bleakest.  When your heart can’t continue to hope anymore . . . a ‘Suddenly’ busts down the confines of your ‘prison,’ releasing you to a brighter place filled with warmth, life, and freedom.  The dark night of the soul ends.  A new world awaits.

The pleasures are sweet.  You are now armed with a new perspective, a rich history, a new identity fragranced with exceptional victory.  You are stronger because of your ordeal.  Your roots have deepened, your DNA has fortified, your sharpened spirit kept you alive even in the darkness, so now that you are in the warming light, you will blossom and flourish.  You have developed night vision in the waiting season and an inner resolve and confidence that will sustain you through any future trials.”


We all have our battles in life.  I believe that the degree of difficulties and adversity that we face reflects the depth and height of our destiny.  We need troubles to develop our character and our fighting skills.  Seems we are always pushed past our limits.  Then, in survival mode, we discover and develop muscles we didn’t even know we had.

In dream symbolism, a ladybug symbolizes an overcomer.  One who destroys destroyers (aphids).  We experience victory so that we can turn around and help others in their struggles.

Keep your thoughts focused, your heart open, your gaze fixed upon the prize of victory . . . you have a great destiny awaiting if you don’t give up!

Then you become unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with, a warrior who strikes fear in the hearts of enemies, because you are an overcomer!


Lesson of the Ladybug:  Be an Overcomer!

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