Merry Christmas Wish List

Merry Christmas Wish List

Merry Christmas Wish ListHoliday greetings to you from Destiny Dreamz! With grateful hearts we remember YOU, our client, reader, dreamer, friend. Thank you for your participation and support this year. I cherish every one of you who has shared with me your heart, your dreams, and your gifts. Today, let me share with you my Merry Christmas Wish List.

I want to encourage you this holiday to Dream Big about your future! What are your dreams telling you about what is to come? Write those things down and call them in! Fight for those promises and breakthroughs! Be prepared to step into your destiny, the things you are called to do—as doors open and opportunities unfold before your very eyes.

Some of those possibilities may scare you to death. Do them anyway! Just do them . . . scared! Put on your Big Brave Boots and dance/stomp into new territory that will be yours. Do something that scares you every day and when you look back next year, you will be amazed at your personal growth and the turns your journey has taken.

The more you step out in faith, with boldness, the more you will dazzle the world with your persistence and brilliance. No one can do exactly what you are designed to do in life, you are THAT unique!

Stepping through one open door leads to other opportunities that will multiply for you. But you have to take that first step. No fear!

No fear on closing the doors that need to be shut, as well. Sometimes we must initiate some necessary endings of activities, dynamics, or relationships that are toxic or no longer life-giving. Just do it so you can move on to something more productive.

Opposition usually swoops in against us to prevent us from tackling our upgrades in life. Press on through and don’t give up! Call in troops of friends for help if need be. We are designed to live in supportive community. Do you know yours? If not, find them. Get real with them and ask for what you need to get through. We can’t accomplish much in life all by ourselves, you know?

Comfort is not a word for this season. Yes, we need comfort, and comfort is available. But do not SEEK to be comfortable because you will not mature if you do not stretch and walk through those growing pains.

May your road be studded with one adventure after another! New experiences, new people to meet, new challenges to embrace, problems that will force you to find new resources ‘out there’ and reserves from ‘within’ to tackle.

The past year has been beyond difficult for many of you. I know—I’ve interpreted your dreams, listened to your stories, prayed for your hearts and decisions. You’ve been hurt, rejected, experienced unbelievable financial and relational loss, faced cancer, death of loved ones, and the list goes on. You’ve been weary beyond words.

Can I just say . . . you amaze me? In the depth of your pain, you have risen up to seek help, to share your anguish—and your victories—with me and others. You have taken steps to protect yourself, to seek healing, to move forward, to deal with those deep wounds, to move on . . .

I’m proud of you! You’ve shown courage and you’ve sought to carry joy through those times where it was hard to discover. You inspire me as I’ve watched you maneuver the tightropes of betrayal, survival, forgiveness, pursuit of hope and healing.

Keep up the good work, friends! Your future is bright. You have what it takes to continue to land on your feet and to turn your trials into triumphs. Oh, the stories you will be able to tell!

Shine Brightly!May you experience peace beyond your imagination in all you do. May you receive powerful and timely revelation and strategies for taking 2018 by storm!

Continue to bloom, breath, pray like crazy, laugh, cry, navigate wisely, seek sleep, smile when you want to scream, and serve up your very best. Pour out from a deep sense of rest within. Make new, favorite memories with your loved ones this year.

Keep on dreaming! May those wild and beautiful dreams come true this year.

My Merry Christmas Wish for you is that you will discover peace, joy and triumph at levels you have never imagined or experienced before.

You are much loved!




Merry Christmas Wish List


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