Reboot Thyself! Recognize and bust ruts in dream interpretation

Reboot Thyself

Reboot Thyself! Recognize and bust ruts in dream interpretationHumans naturally gravitate toward ruts—boring routines or habits that rule. Our repetitive actions can be positive or negative, productive, lazy, damaging, internal or external.

I believe our externals reflect what is happening internally. If we are thinking imaginatively or creatively, we radiate with renewed energy. If we focus on what isn’t working well in our life, our lack of victory or gratitude can sour the atmosphere around us—and folks notice it.

Which areas are you most prone to succumb to a default mode? Mental, physical, or emotional? Foods and exercise? Work? Relational? Spiritual? Thinking patterns?

Dream interpreters can get stuck in humdrum habits all too easily, mostly if we aren’t tending to our spiritual life. But to strengthen our dream interpretation abilities, it especially helps to flush out any filters that may have gotten clogged from too much linear or literal thinking. We must experience free back-and-forth flow of right-brain and left-brain processing, balanced by quiet peace—in a noisy world—so that we can Dream Big and connect with the Releaser of Dreams.

Our biggest hurdle, of course, is to recognize our ruts. Then it is a matter of discipline to reverse and revoke them. Try keeping your brain stirred up. Renew vigor by varying as many of your routines as possible. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Set your alarm clock to a new station or sound. Processing unfamiliar sounds wakes up your brain a different way.
  • Journal your dreams in a different way to remember them. Draw a picture or a map of the action instead of using words.
  • Get dressed with your eyes closed. Pick out your outfit the night before and then blindly rely on your other senses to get yourself ready.
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, challenging different nerve cells in your brain.
  • Swap lunches with your co-workers or friends. Or try a different restaurant and a new type of food that you’ve never tasted before. Lay off foods you are addicted to for a season.
  • Have a silent family dinner. No talking while eating. Figure out how to communicate your day or your requests without words, in a visual way, which will spark creativity.
  • Spend a day ‘unplugged’—set the computer, TV, and phone aside—spend time outdoors, doing something you don’t normally do.

Reboot thyself. Reset, clear the cache, delete any necessary ‘cookies’ (or unwanted, extra ‘junk files’ in your memory), download and install new mental and spiritual updates. Reconnect to your Power Source. Then you are ready to fire up again with more power and clarity.


Reboot Thyself

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