Victory can be pre-ordered

Victory Can Be Pre-Ordered

trophyAs I clicked through my emails yesterday, I saw an ad for a video game that made me laugh out loud: “Victory can be pre-ordered”. Clever! Purchase this game and you automatically become a Winner. The message implies that you can’t lose. If you plan ahead, invest in this game, you secure the deal. Sign up early for your name to top the battle charts.Is it possible that real life could work like that? What if we could face life with the guarantee that we WIN, no matter what?

We all have our major life struggles. Will I get this job? How will I be able pay my bills? Will I survive this disease? Will my marriage survive? Will my children grow up safe and happy? Do I have to work at this job that I hate…forever? How can I continue to live with my fears, my regrets, my pain, my stress, the consequences of my bad decisions? What is my purpose in life? What if I am missing it?

Real life is not like a video game, though there are metaphorical similarities. There is more at stake, certainly. It seems as though a battle is always upon us, if not even a war.

As we survive each round, we strive to keep going, and with each victory, we gain more tools in our tool belt to survive the next siege. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Just when we think defeat is near, we find the strength to get up and keep going. But just around the corner is another enemy plot in place to take us out in the next round.

In life, the pain and exhaustion are real. We have to take time to grieve and heal and gather ourselves to face the next onslaught. One step at a time, one day at a time, one challenge at a time. Sometimes we have to agonize through each one-hour increment in order to survive.

Restarting is certainly not as easy as pressing a button on a video game.  Depending on our perspective, every day can begin with a fresh start,  with us functioning at a higher level than before.

It is our perspective that makes all the difference. The Operating Systems, the “terms and conditions” that we agree to in life—our attitudes, our beliefs, our faith, our God, the people and support systems we choose—all of these dictate the degree of victory or defeat that we will experience through our trials.

I actually do believe that Victory in life can be pre-ordered, that we can find strength and an overcomer attitude that comes from a Source beyond ourselves. If we know that we ultimately win the war, we find the strength to keep fighting each battle to get there.

Keep engaging and never quit. Even in pain and difficulties, life can become a joy-filled adventure as we learn to take the hits in stride and still respond with gratitude and faith that we can often hit the ‘pause’ button, take a deep breath, experience supernatural peace, and launch deeper into Ultimate Triumph.

Victory Can Be Pre-Ordered


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