What's in Your Path?

What’s in Your Path?

What's in Your Path?I was walking my dogs last night in our neighborhood, and a couple of blocks away from home I saw three bunnies hopping in a line down the middle of the street.  I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing bunnies…a rare sight for middle of the city with traffic always whizzing by.

They saw us and froze. We crossed the street and quietly tiptoed by them. My dogs miraculously refrained themselves from lunging. After we passed by, I looked back to see the happy hoppers regroup and continue their parade down the middle of the street. I felt like I had just walked through something unique and ‘holy’.

I asked the Spirit of Truth about the bunnies. I heard, “In life you are always crossing paths and interacting with spiritual forces that you often do not see or even perceive. You are just going through the motions of your day. Sometimes you are aware, but most of the time you may be oblivious to the rare treats that are deliberately given for you to enjoy!

I bring you surprising opportunities. I put people in your path, like the lady you sweetly interacted with in Walmart yesterday, reconnection with an old friend, the purple-haired neighbor with whom you stopped to celebrate victories together. You each leave your interaction encouraged and smiling.

I love to stop you in your tracks and remind you that you are meant to enjoy life, even through precious interruptions that take your gaze away from the tasks on your plate—and make you giggle or pause in reflection.

Sometimes it is hard to interrupt your focus to get your attention. Those bunnies were on a mission and you got to witness and wonder about it. Similarly, missions are swirling all around you, so if you will take notice, you can join forces in order to create a positive stir in your world. There is so much more to life than what you may notice at a glance. I’m moving everywhere and am continuously nudging you—”Do you see this? Can you hear that?  Look at what I just did—just for you!”

Meaning of Rabbits

Symbolically, rabbits represent multiplication….and in this case, INCREASE is lining up to intersect with you in your ‘daily walk.’ What happens in the spiritual realm manifests in the physical realm, and I’m showing you what is to come.

I want you to partner with me at a deeper level. That means putting your phone down, choosing to focus outside of yourself and your own thoughts, and deliberately searching for the things you don’t immediately see but want to experience. Look to see.  Listen to hear. Put your heart and spirit out there to grasp my presence and gifts that are just beyond your typical reach. Pause and stretch to experience outer dimensions greater than your ‘normal.’

I love that you stop to wonder and ask. I’m always inviting you to come closer, to see the world through my eyes. I love providing delights that shake the monotony and boundaries of your everyday thinking. There is never a dull moment with me. I love it when you smile and you know that I am near!

Life is so much bigger than you—I’m always inviting you to hop in line with where I am going and what I am doing—to maneuver  you to sacred ground, put more passion in your step, and to propel you to awe-inspiring and delightful places.”

What’s in your path today?

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