Body Dreams

Type of Dreams: Body dreams

Type of Dreams: Body dreams

Several years ago, I ate a whole chocolate cake in my dream. I delighted in every morsel of deep, rich, creamy chocolate goodness—my favorite dessert. My lips smacked and my tummy hummed with gratification. When I woke up, I felt horrified and distressed, because I was several days into a strict diet, and chocolate cake was certainly not on the menu!

In dream interpretation, this would be an example of a body dream—a dream triggered by the physical body, usually by sickness, pregnancy, hunger, cold or hot, hormone change, lack of sleep, or even needing to go to the bathroom. Needs of the body show up in our dreams. These dreams come from the natural self or soul.

Maybe I didn’t NEED that chocolate cake, but my body certainly wanted it. Going without sugar (or any kind of addiction) cold-turkey may cause us to dream about a hunger or drive that we are struggling to limit.

Or we may simply be sick, or in some sort of transition, and our dreams are helping us process through the stress. We may dream of feeling depressed or grieved if we are really dealing with those issues in real life.

These body dreams usually primarily reveal physical realities. However, if we do want to consider spiritual implications, these body dreams should prompt us to examine the cravings or habits in our lives that may need to be changed.

Anyone want to join us for dinner tonight? Guess what is on the dessert menu?

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