Wanted: Partners!

Wanted: Partners!

Hi friends!
Wanted: Partners!

Wanted: Partners!

You may be aware of some of my journey since I was laid off from my job right before Christmas.

For many weeks now I have scrambled to apply for jobs—hundreds of applications submitted. Telling everyone I meet that I need a job.

In all, I’ve interviewed for some really cool jobs, but doors have shut every time.  I’ve applied for some of the most awful jobs, willing to do them, hoping I wouldn’t have to.  All the while, also working odd jobs to pay my bills.  I have many skills and am diligently hunting, puzzled that nothing is turning up. Could Creator be up to something?  Besides teaching me patience in the waiting?

I’ve also worked my Destiny Dreamz job full time, kind of hoping it could grow into my Dream Job.

Pat Murphy the Magnificent Web Maestro

Pat Murphy the Magnificent Web Maestro–with Merry in Ireland

Thank goodness for my Irish friend, Pat Murphy—my website is built and fully functional.  We’ve set up three dream classes including an online webinar, created and manufactured new products and writings, and dreamed up many more that are in the hopper.  I’ve mentored dreamers, Destiny Coached people, interpreted many dreams, and done many reachouts here in Amarillo along the way.

People are set free to some degree every time I step out and offer dream interpretation or spiritual cleansings or whatever else is on the menu for the day.  See my picture gallery for just a FEW of the faces we’ve tended to.  I love the ministry but income isn’t steady enough to keep me afloat and offset the costs.

Also during this time, I took in a friend to live with me who had nowhere else to go.  That didn’t make sense for me financially, but she has been a blessing to me and we are staying afloat solely by supernatural grace and provision.

We gladly offer our services at events and reachouts. Read our blogs: we attend festivals, spiritual events, adult entertainment conferences, churches….we have no limits when it comes to helping people to unlock their dreams and feel loved. We do a lot of outreach during the year, some in far places and some in our hometowns. We get stretched way out of our comfort zones, making us better people, more brave, more bold, more desiring to get outside of our little worlds and into the lives of others that we would probably never meet anywhere else.

It’s Time to Build a House WITH a Team

Father recently pointed out that while I am dreaming big, I have been trying to build my dream by myself. It’s been a little like trying to build a Dream House alone—learning how to design, then to draw up plans, then learning how to dig a foundation, plumb, drywall and then decorate—performing all the millions of necessary tasks that are required to make a house functional from start to finish.

Simply put, a Dream House can’t be built by one person.  This girl needs help!  I need to work smarter and solicit help, quit trying to do everything by myself—answer emails, interpret dreams, set up classes, organize reachouts, organize training meetings, and administrate everything.  And then figure out a way to pay it all. On top of working a full time job.

My journey with Father this season has been amazing.  I have so many dreams in my heart…many writings to develop and teach and give out.  Products to create and share. our conversations are abundant and tender and productive. Stories to tell of courage and healing and provision. Reachout event possibilities are increasing and I can’t keep up with them all. We need more training, more teams, more help!

Destiny Dreamz PartnersI need partners to help me build this Dream House.  It isn’t just about Dream Interpretation, but about connecting people with their Creator and releasing them into their destiny.  It is what I love to do, what I am called to do. I’m readied and positioned to help people discover their identity and destiny.  I want to continue to equip and release people all over the world to launch out and use their influence to change people’s lives.

We’re all about showing people how to love, serve, and encourage others without judgment or fear.

THIS is my Dream Job

Father is telling me not to settle for anything less than the very best he has for me.

I have friends and colleagues who do ministry and Kingdom business and while they teach, train, speak, and produce, they need a troop of partners that support them and free them up to do the front line work.  My work is no different.  I need a support base. It’s do or die time for me NOW—a Holy Moment where I put my faith on the line and ask for help.

Ask and you will receive

Father said ‘You don’t have (many partners), because you haven’t asked.”

So, I’m asking—would you be willing to commit to monthly financial support for Destiny Dreamz—to keep me out on the streets and in the festivals and healing meetings where I belong? And, if you desire, let me take you out there with me, in one way or another.
Do you also have special skills to volunteer from time to time to help build this Dream House?  We need creative and fearless volunteers, for all sorts of tasks, as well as prayer support, etc.

If my request hits your heart and you would like to participate, click here to learn more and partner. or call me and let’s talk.  I can share my dreams with you and we can discover your designed role in helping build and sustain this Dream House.

We’ve built a special partner page on my website and promise regular updates, requests, stories, pictures, words, insight, live videos, newsletters, etc. there and on Facebook.

For those of you who have faithfully supported me financially and in prayer, THANK YOU!  What would I have done without you?   Let’s grow the team!

I’m dreaming big and believing Father has a plan to build that Dream House.  Will you join in the adventure?  Thank you for your love, prayers, and time.  Be blessed!

Merry Bruton Burkhalter

March 27, 2017

 Click here to learn more and partner.


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  1. 2deeinup
    2deeinup says:

    So sorry for the issues you’re having…but…but…GOD!!! God IS faithful and he does have great things instore for your ministry…I just know it!! Haven’t been on the site for awhile and for 3 days… God has been prompting me to come and look at some old dreams on my log. Because of financial reasons I haven’t been able to buy any dreams. I do believe you’re to ask others for help… your website is a blessing and I’ve recommended many of my friends to view it. I would like to help…but can only give $15 per month for now and will give more as soon as things start to move along. Never give up sister!!! I’m praying for you and Gods got your back!! Declaring that soon you’ll be so busy with this website and making money…you’ll have to do this full time because…that’s your gift. ; )

    Much love,

    Damaris Hooton

    • Destiny Admin
      Destiny Admin says:

      Thank you very much for your encouragement and support, Damaris! It means the world to me! I’m so grateful! Can’t wait to see what is ahead for all of us 🙂

  2. Melody
    Melody says:

    Wow Merry! What revelation! I will be praying about how I can help support you in the best way possible. Thank you for being so vulnerable. The truth is that none of us can reach our destiny alone–we need one another. Your candid honesty is inspiring. Bless you! We will talk soon. 🙂

    • Destiny Admin
      Destiny Admin says:

      Thank you Melody 🙂 We do need each other. There is always a risk in putting your self and your dreams out there and asking for help. You are such a good friend and I’m grateful for you and your friendship. Bless you!

  3. Carol
    Carol says:

    It’s an honor to be part of getting you to the people. I wish I could do more. As my funds increase, I assure you my giving will increase. I know this is good soil. You have an amazing gift, and more people need to experience it. Blessings


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