If you had a dream journal on the old site, then it has been moved to the new site. Please contact us for your login details to access it.

Dream JournalA dream journal is a free, private, online avenue to record your dreams and dream interpretations.  It is a home for your night time revelation that you can revisit as often as you desire, to use as a tool for your personal insight and growth.  Often, as you write down your dreams, the interpretation is revealed.  Use your private online dream journal as our gift to assist you in treasuring your dreams.

Here’s how it works:

    • Register with us—choose a username and password
    • To enter a new dream in your journal—choose either a free entry (“Add to My Dream Journal”) or to pay for an interpretation (“Purchase Dream Interpretation”).  Click on one of the buttons above.
    • If you choose to purchase a dream interpretation, you will be directed to Paypal. After you pay (via Paypal) you will be directed to enter your dream.
    • Enter the dream text and title, as well as the date you had the dream.
    • Answer brief, guiding questions (optional).  Describe your dream.  Mention if is is in full color, muted colors, or black and white.
    • Save your dream
    • Submit your dream for interpretation (if desired).  Receive your dream interpretation within 2-5 business days in your email as well as in your journal
    • Professional dream interpretations cost $35 each (via PayPal)
    • You may give feedback or ask the interpreter questions after receiving your dream interpretation

You may select to make your dreams or your comments private (so only I will see be able to read them) or public, to solicit others’ feedback on your dreams and questions.

Know this: Your dreams are kept confidential in your dream journal.  I only go in and read them by dreamer’s request or if payment is submitted to interpret your dream.

All of your information is safe with us…we are confidential and protective of your privacy.  Destiny Dreamz will never sell or give away your personal information, your dreams, your email address.  We will never spam you.  The only emails we will ever send are the occasional Dreamz Scoops newsletters or communication pertaining to the website or your account.

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What Goes Into a Dream Interpretation? 

Why do you charge for Dream Interpretation?

Benefits of a dream journal:

    • Track your dreams over time—for future reflection and revelation
    • Private and confidential—no one else sees your dreams unless you request a dream interpretation
    • Process your dreams intuitively as well as systematically
    • Practice centering in on themes, details, focus, and purposes of dreams
    • Implement tips to begin interpreting your dreams starting NOW
    • Simple and easy to submit dreams for professional dream interpretation

Our dream interpretations are guaranteed to be confidential, prayerful, non-judgmental, spiritual but   non-religious, truthful, kind and encouraging, succinct yet comprehensive and descriptive in analysis.  Your dream interpretation may contain some destiny details, but interpretations are designed for insight or awareness, not personal advice or counsel.  Please consult trusted advisors and Spirit before making life decisions—dream interpretations most often confirm a direction you are already sensing.  

You, the dreamer, will find that your spirit will resonate or agree with words of interpretation—or not.  Dreams address many subjects and time periods.  If a dream interpretation seemingly alludes to something in the present tense and doesn’t seem accurate, often timing is the issue–if you wait and watch, you will often see the events unfold.  

Please contact us with any questions.

Happy Dreaming!