Falling in Love With the Art of Dream Interpretation

Falling in Love with the Art of Dream Interpretation

Falling in Love With the Art of Dream InterpretationThis month marks my 20th anniversary of falling in love with the art of dream interpretation.  Looking back on that first class that I took in January 1997, I cherish one of the most profound life events that grabbed my heart and set me on the path that has become my delight and my destiny.

I first met my spiritual father, John Paul Jackson, in December of 1996 at a conference he was leading.  He stood on the platform and interpreted dreams for people and that was the first time I had heard the word ‘prophetic ministry’—and saw what it meant—in action.  It was like he heard words straight from heaven and spoke them with a power that literally burst open peoples’ hearts.  They could receive Truth in a way that shook off the lies and constraints so they could embrace a new freedom to follow their life course with clarity and renewed vision.

I saw him do that over and over again and I knew I found my HOME.

As a child, I always had ‘prophetic’ dreams that gave me revelation about my life and about others around me.  I would dream things about people that came true.  I had ‘knowings’ about events and people’s motives that proved to be accurate.  I was confused about the source—and the purpose of this gift, which often felt like a curse.

My prolific dreams often manifested as nightmares…quite often tempting me to give up on dreaming altogether.  I knew my dreams meant something but I could not decipher them.

The dream interpretation was only part of what grabbed my heart.  Never in my life had I seen the gift of taking prophetic knowledge and accurately speaking to to someone’s heart with such powerful, encouraging impact.

I wanted to do that!

It was in the dream interpretation class one night in the midst of 300 people and he said, “There are 5-6 of you in this class that will not just listen to this teaching but you will run with it as your life’s calling.”  I literally fell out of my seat—I knew he was talking about me.  I sobbed for weeks, feeling the weight of his prophetic word settling in over my life.

So I pressed in. I traveled 6 hours to class to sit under my mentor at the Institute for Spiritual Development every month and sometimes every week—for years!  John Paul would record the lesson and after class was over, he would stop the recording and tell stories and answer our questions sometimes till midnight.  I could not get enough of his teaching. We practiced.  We trained. We failed.  We processed.  We interpreted dreams like zealous fools.  And my life lit up with an unquenchable fire.

I studied and trained all the way through all levels of classes, followed him at every conference possible, joined his team and taught those classes.

Eventually I launched out on my own, forever grateful for John Paul’s foundational and and inspirational teaching, his blessing, his love and fathering, and for his calling me out into my destiny.  And oh, the lifelong friends, kindred spirits, that I have connected with along the way—priceless!

Since then, in the past 20 years, I have interpreted many thousands of dreams for people in all walks of life, written class curriculum and taught thousands of students all over the world, equipping them to understand their night-time messages that come through dreams.  I’ve raised up teams of people and led hundreds of reachouts into local arts festivals, prisons, holistic fairs, national and international events to interpret dreams and encourage hungry people. I run my website and love helping people discover their dream meanings and their destiny.

I’m not bragging.  Rather, I’m awed at what happens when you dream big and get to live life following your calling.  It all flows out of your design, and you get to naturally leave a trail of Goodness in your wake.

Revealing supernatural encouragement via dreams or knowings or hearings—is my most favoritest thing to do, ever.  It is WHO I AM as a catalyst for positive change!

Twenty years of living a prophetic lifestyle—out of the box, always edgy, thrills beyond belief—I have experienced a hefty price paid in terms of rejection, being misunderstood and laughed at, personal attacks, jealousies, and the list goes on. If you take it all in stride and use each trial to step up and see life at a higher perspective, rather than get bitter, you win every time.  I would not trade any of it for the lessons I learned or for the level of intimacy I have developed with my Creator as we journeyed through every problem and every victory together.

Helping people connect to their place of peace and launchpad for their destiny by facilitating a destiny encounter with their Creator’s and Dreamgiver’s heart–is the best Dream Job in the world. It never gets old.

If you feel you have a similar call on your life but don’t know where to start, contact me to schedule or attend a class, submit a dream for interpretation, schedule some personal mentoring or coaching.  Don’t miss another day wondering what your purpose is in life.  Your dreams may be telling you, if you will only pay attention 🙂

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  1. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Dont know where to start, am in Zambia so the class is not near what can i do. Have missed God’s communication cause i dont usually understand

    • Destiny Admin
      Destiny Admin says:

      Hi Yvonne–It’s hard to feel isolated and not equipped! I’m getting ready to set up an online class where you can come live or check out the recordings….the live webinar will be mid-March…and recordings will be available shortly after that…if you are interested–Merry


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